Prophecy News Watch - September 25, 2019

Around the World
Boris Johnson's suspension of Parliament ruled unlawful by UK Supreme Court
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is refusing to step down amid growing calls for his resignation from leading politicians after the United Kingdom’s high court ruled that his suspension of Parliament amid debate over Brexit was illegal.
Trump's China trade rhetoric turns harsh at U.N., says won't take 'bad deal'
U.S. President Donald Trump delivered a stinging rebuke to China’s trade practices on Tuesday at the United Nations General Assembly, saying he would not accept a 'bad deal' in U.S.-China trade negotiations.
Coalition Forces in Iraq Say Attacks 'Will Not Be Tolerated'
U.S.-led coalition forces in Baghdad said Tuesday that attacks on coalition personnel and facilities in Iraq 'will not be tolerated,' adding that coalition forces retain the right to self-defense.
'Unprecedented' UN Report Condemns Alarming Rise of Anti-Semitism
The United Nations released an interim report Monday detailing the alarming rise of anti-Semitism among people from a range of political and religious backgrounds.
Trump at U.N.: We won't tolerate Iran's 'monstrous antisemitism'
Iran's antisemitic hatred of Israel is unacceptable, US President Donald Trump told the UN as he warned Tehran that sanctions against it would not be lifted as long as it’s 'bloodlust' and nuclear drive continued.
Satellite Photos Show Construction of Iranian Base on Iraq-Syria Border
A military complex on the Iraq-Syria border suspected of being used by Iran shows continued construction despite multiple recent airstrikes targeting it, new satellite images reveal.
At UN, Trump Slams Attempts to ‘Assert a Global Right to Taxpayer-Funded Abortion’
President Trump used his address at the U.N. General Assembly on Tuesday to send a strong pro-life message, telling the world body that 'global bureaucrats have absolutely no business attacking the sovereignty of nations that wish to protect innocent life.'

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Likud up to 32 seats, just one less than Blue and White, CEC announces
The Central Election Committee announced around 1 a.m. Wednesday that Likud won an extra seat compared to what they previously stated, bringing the total seats obtained by Benjamin Netanyahu’s party to 32, just one less than Benny Gantz’s Blue and White.
Trump: Mideast understands need for normalizing ties with Israel
U.S. President Donald Trump on Tuesday said there is a growing recognition in Middle East that countries must battle extremism, must have normalized relations between Israel and its neighbors.
King Abdullah: West Bank annexation will harm Israel ties with Jordan and Egypt
Jordan's King Abdullah Netanyahu's declared policy to annex the West Bank, is going to have a major impact on the Israeli-Jordanian relationship as well as the Jewish state's ties to Egypt.
Likud, Blue and White move ahead in unity talks as leaders agree to meet again
The negotiating teams for the two largest parties are holding their first meeting Tuesday to discuss forming a unity government at the request of President Reuven Rivlin, after the respective party leaders, Benjamin Netanyahu and Benny Gantz, held talks on the issue Monday night.

Inside the United States
Pelosi's secret impeachment message to Democrats: 'We have to strike while the iron is hot'
Speaker Nancy Pelosi, speaking to rank-and-file Democrats in a closed-door meeting in the Capitol basement, said the whistleblower complaint involving President Trump’s phone call with the president of Ukraine convinced her it’s time to conduct a formal impeachment inquiry.
White House reportedly moving to release full whistleblower complaint
The White House is preparing to release to Congress the full whistleblower complaint at the center of House Democrats impeachment inquiry, and it could reach lawmakers by the end of the week.
Nancy Pelosi backs official impeachment inquiry
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced that she supports a formal impeachment inquiry, though there's no vote scheduled at this time, the latest action in a spiraling controversy over a phone call President Trump had with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Christian News
China cracking down on providential relationship between North Koreans and South Koreans within its borders
China is cracking down on a phenomenon that has allowed North Korean defectors to receive Bible teaching across the border in the communist superpower to the south.
Statistics for India show Christian persecution rising overwhelmingly since BJP took power
Disturbing statistics are coming out of India, where the fruit of nationalism has been an uptick in severe persecution against Christians.
Trump Shines Spotlight on Christians Being Killed, 1st President to Host UN Religious Freedom Meeting
Donald Trump has become the first US President to ever host a meeting at the United Nations on religious freedom.