Prophecy News Watch - September 9, 2019

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Trump cancels secret Camp David peace talks with Taliban after deadly bombing in Kabul
President Trump said he canceled secret peace talks with the Taliban after the group was credited for a car bomb that killed two NATO and American service members in Kabul last week.
Iran hints it could release UK-flagged tanker ‘within days’
Iran on Sunday hinted that it could release 'within days' a UK-flagged oil tanker it had seized in July in sensitive Gulf waters amid rising hostilities with Britain’s ally the United States.
Several said killed in strikes on Iran-backed militia base on Syria-Iraq border
Unidentified aircraft launched strikes on a base belonging to an Iran-backed militia on the Syrian side of its border with Iraq, killing several people early Monday, an observer and Arabic media reported.
Typhoon Leaves Thousands of South Korean Homes Without Electricity
Typhoon winds toppled trees, grounded planes and left thousands of South Korean homes without electricity Saturday as a powerful storm system brushed up against the Korean Peninsula.
Iran slated to begin work on advanced centrifuges as damage control for nuclear deal fails
Iran will begin work on advanced centrifuges that allow for faster enrichment of uranium, AP reported Thursday.
Hurricane Dorian: Authorities expecting a 'staggering' death toll in Bahamas
About 70,000 people need immediate humanitarian assistance in the Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian hit the island nation, as authorities said the final death toll could be 'staggering'.
IAEA Found Uranium Traces at Iran 'Atomic Warehouse': Diplomats
Samples taken by the U.N. nuclear watchdog at what Israel’s prime minister called a 'secret atomic warehouse' in Tehran showed traces of uranium that Iran has yet to explain, two diplomats who follow the agency’s inspections work closely say.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Report: Pompeo warned Lebanon Israel could attack Hezbollah site
Sources told the Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper that US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo sent a warning letter to Lebanese President Michel Aoun, urging him to dismantle a factory set up by Hezbollah in the Bekaa region of Lebanon to develop and modernize the missiles before Israel attacks it.
U.S. blocks U.N. Security Council statement on Israel, Lebanon
The United States blocked a statement about the recent tensions between Israel and Hezbollah by the United Nations Security Council, the AFP reported on Thursday.
Hamas Vows Revenge Against Israel for Deaths of Rioters on ‘Especially Violent’ Day on Gaza Border
More than 6,000 Palestinians rioted on the Israel-Gaza Strip border on Friday in an 'especially violent' manner, the IDF said.
IDF kicks off large exercise simulating war against Hezbollah
The Israel Defense Forces on Sunday launched a large-scale exercise simulating war against Hezbollah and other pro-Iranian forces in the north of the country.

Inside the United States
Kansas and South Carolina Republicans cancel 2020 presidential nominating contests
The Republican Party in Kansas and South Carolina voted to cancel their GOP presidential caucuses and primaries in 2020.
Marijuana Use by US College Students Is Up, Highest in 35 Years
U.S. college students are using marijuana at the highest rates in 35 years, according to a report released Thursday.
Nearly half of college students believe ‘In God We Trust’ should be removed from U.S. currency: poll
A survey of 1,001 college students from across the nation has found that nearly half believe the motto 'In God We Trust' should be removed from U.S. currency.
Pennsylvania to become latest state offering gender-neutral IDs
Last spring, Dexter Rose walked into a Philadelphia Driver and Photo License Center with a 'Request for Gender Change' form. Handwritten on the form was a box with the single letter 'X' scribbled in under gender.
Record 157,878,000 Employed in August; Record Low Unemployment Rate for Blacks
The number of people employed in the United States hit a record 157,878,000 in August, the 21st record set under President Donald Trump, according to the employment report released today by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
Refugee Admissions Up 40.9% So Far in FY 2019; 79.4% Christians
Eleven months into the fiscal year, almost five times more Christians than Muslims have been admitted into the U.S. as refugees, in sharp contrast to the situation under the Obama administration.

Christian News
Modi’s government prepares bill that would make all conversions illegal in India
Narendra Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party-led government is reportedly crafting a sweeping national anti-conversion law that would place a ban not only on forced conversions but also on conversions made in good faith.
Asia Bibi gives first newspaper interview, says she is only one among many victims of blasphemy law
Asia Bibi, the Christian mother held on death row for 8 years in Pakistan under blasphemy charges, recently gave her first-ever newspaper interview with the Sunday Telegraph.
Muslim herdsmen in Nigeria hold pastor captive for two weeks
Muslim Fulani herdsmen in Nigeria released a pastor they had kidnapped and held for ransom for over two weeks on Saturday.

Prophecy News Watch - September 5, 2019

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Hong Kong extradition bill finally withdrawn, but protestors say it is only one of five demands
Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam has finally withdrawn the controversial extradition bill that has riven the former British colony with protests since June.
Secretary of State Pompeo Declines to Sign Risky Afghan Peace Deal
The U.S. is closing in on a deal with the Taliban that is designed to wind down America’s 18-year war in Afghanistan, but the best indication of how risky the pact maybe is this: Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is declining to sign it, according to senior U.S., Afghan and European officials.
Hong Kong leader pulls extradition bill, but too little too late, say some
Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam on Wednesday withdrew an extradition bill that triggered months of often violent protests so the Chinese-ruled city can move forward from a 'highly vulnerable and dangerous' place and find solutions.
US adds new sanctions and reward to further pressure Iran
The Trump administration stepped up pressure on Iran on Wednesday, imposing sanctions on an oil shipping network with ties to Iran’s Revolutionary Guard and offering a reward of up to $15 million for anyone with information that could disrupt its faltering economy even further.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Israel said again mulling raid on Iran; thinks Trump, unlike Obama, won’t oppose
Israeli officials are currently considering the possibility of conducting a military strike on Iran, with or without the approval of the United States, The New York Times reported Wednesday. They believe US President Donald Trump could decide not to stand in the way of such an attack, unlike his predecessor Barack Obama, the paper reported Wednesday in an exposé that detailed the lows and highs of the Israel-US relationship in the face-off against the Islamic Republic over the past decade.
Israel makes public satellite images of more Iranian activity in Syria and Lebanon
The Israeli military has uncovered further evidence of Iranian entrenchment in Syria and Lebanon.
Times report says Israel came extremely close to striking Iran in 2012
A New York Times report Wednesday revealed how close Israel had actually come to striking Iran in 2012.
IDF said still on high alert in north amid prospect of further Hezbollah attack
The Israeli military remained on high alert along the northern border Wednesday, bracing for further Hezbollah attacks, according to a television report.

Inside the United States
U.S. trade deficit shrinks, gap with China remains elevated
The U.S. trade deficit narrowed slightly in July, but the gap with China, a focus of the Trump administration’s 'America First' agenda, surged to a six-month high.
Dorian creeps up US coast; near-record storm surge feared
A weakened but still deadly Hurricane Dorian crept up the Southeastern seaboard Wednesday, and millions were ordered to evacuate as forecasters said near-record levels of seawater and rain could swamp the coasts of Georgia and the Carolinas.
Trump Admin Is Considering Using Amazon Echo And Apple Watch To Determine If Citizens Should Own A Gun
The Trump administration is considering a proposal that would use Google, Amazon and Apple to collect data on users who exhibit characteristics of mental illness that could lead to violent behavior, The Washington Post reported Thursday.

Christian News
Syrian civil war has damaged more than 120 churches, report finds
As many as 124 churches have been damaged or targeted by military forces on all sides of Syria's civil war, which has stretched on for more than eight years, according to a new report by the Syrian Network for Human Rights (SNHR).
Mosaic near Sea of Galilee may mark new site for Jesus loaves and fishes miracle
A mosaic depicting fish, birds and baskets of what may be bread, newly uncovered near the Sea of Galilee, may commemorate the historic location of the miracle recorded in the New Testament in which Jesus miraculously feeds a multitude, according to the lead archaeologist at the site, Haifa University’s Dr. Michael Eisenberg.

Prophecy News Watch - September 4, 2019

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Major defeat for British PM as lawmakers seize Brexit agenda
On a day of humiliating setbacks, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson suffered a major defeat in Parliament on Tuesday night as rebellious lawmakers voted to seize control of the Brexit agenda, prompting the embattled prime minister to say he would call for a new general election.
Hurricane Dorian's devastation in the Bahamas revealed
After battering the Bahamas for more than a day and a half, Hurricane Dorian finally began to move away from the islands on Tuesday as the scope of the devastation began to emerge.
US State and Treasury Departments Slap First-Ever Sanctions on Iran’s Space Program
Both the US State and Treasury Departments announced on Tuesday the slapping of sanctions on Iran’s space agency for the first time, accusing it of developing weapons of mass destruction and other weapon capabilities, such as space-launch vehicle technologies, which the State Department alleged were 'virtually identical and interchangeable with those used in ballistic missiles.'
Saudi Arabia Boosts Troop Levels in South Yemen as Tensions Rise
Saudi Arabia has deployed more troops in southern Yemen to try to contain clashes between nominal allies in the Saudi-led military coalition fighting the Houthis that risks further fragmenting the country.
Iran building new classified military base in Syria: intelligence sources
Iran has established a new military base in Syria and has plans to house thousands of troops at the location, according to multiple Western intelligence sources.
Britain, US and France may be complicit in Yemen war crimes, UN says
Britain, the US, and France may be complicit in war crimes in Yemen by supporting a Saudi-led coalition that starves civilians as a war tactic, the United Nations has said.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Netanyahu says Trump peace plan will be released ‘immediately’ after elections
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Tuesday that US President Donald Trump’s peace plan will be released 'immediately' after Israel’s elections later this month.
Trump could roll out mutual defense agreement between US, Israel prior to elections to help Netanyahu
Trump is in talks with Benjamin Netanyahu about giving the Israeli premier another boost ahead of elections on September 17, comparable to the US recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights that preceded the April election contest by two weeks.
Palestinian Authority prepares action plan to extend authority to Area C
The Palestinian Authority plans to promote and authorize Palestinian building in Area C of the West Bank, which is under the Israeli military and civilian control.

Inside the United States
Hurricane Dorian lashes Florida's Atlantic coast after decimating Bahamas
Hurricane Dorian closed in on the east of Cape Canaveral, Fla., around 8 p.m. Tuesday with maximum sustained wind speeds of 110 mph, packing 'life-threatening' storm surge, the U.S. National Hurricane Center said.
With $3.6 Billion in New Defense Department Funding, President Trump Continues His Plan to Build the Border Wall With Military Money
The Pentagon plans to tap into $3.6 billion in funding set aside for military construction projects and instead funnel it toward building a wall on the U.S. southern border with Mexico helping to make good President Donald Trump’s signature campaign promise.

Christian News
Christian mother Asia Bibi demands justice for blasphemy law victims: 'The world should listen'
Christian mother Asia Bibi condemned Pakistan’s harsh blasphemy laws and issued an urgent call for reform in her first interview since being released from prison after spending eight years on death row on a false blasphemy charge.

Prophecy News Watch - September 3, 2019

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UN Atomic Agency Confirms Iran Breach of Nuclear Deal, Could Enrich Up to 20% by Friday
The UN nuclear watchdog announced Friday that Iran had made good on its threat to enrich uranium above the prescribed limits of the 2015 nuclear accord.
Iran warns EU over nuclear commitments as deadline for further steps looms
Iran said on Monday it would further reduce its commitments under a 2015 nuclear deal if European parties failed to shield Tehran’s economy from sanctions reimposed by the United States after Washington quit the accord last year.
Iran said hindering IAEA probe at alleged nuclear warehouse exposed by Netanyahu
Iran is obstructing a UN investigation into a site first identified by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu last year as a secret nuclear warehouse used to store radioactive material, the Wall Street Journal reported Monday night.
Hurricane Dorian causes 'unprecedented' damage to Bahamas
The Bahamas were feeling the full force of Hurricane Dorian on Monday as the storm swept across the archipelago with 185mph winds, leading the prime minister of the islands to report that 'devastation is unprecedented'.
UK PM Johnson threatens election ahead of Brexit battle in parliament
Prime Minister Boris Johnson implicitly warned lawmakers on Monday that he would seek an election if they tied his hands on Brexit, ruling out ever countenancing a further delay to Britain’s departure from the European Union.
U.S. to withdraw 5,000 troops from Afghanistan, close bases
The United States would withdraw almost 5,000 troops from Afghanistan and close five bases within 135 days under a draft peace accord agreed with the Taliban, the chief U.S. negotiator Zalmay Khalilzad said on Monday.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Netanyahu, Trump said considering announcing plans for defense pact ahead of elections
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and US President Donald Trump are considering a grand presidential gesture on the US’s commitment to Israeli security in the coming days, including a possible statement on the two allies’ intent to enter into a defense pact, according to a report Monday.
TV: Israel was ready to destroy Hezbollah missile program if soldiers were hit
Israel was prepared for massive retaliation against Hezbollah’s precision missile system in Lebanon, and only opted against carrying out that plan because no Israeli soldiers were hurt in a Sunday cross-border attack by the terror group, according to a report Monday evening.

Inside the United States
Dorian evacuation orders hit Florida, Georgia, Carolinas
Mandatory evacuations hit coastal areas from Florida to the Carolinas on Monday as Hurricane Dorian was expected to graze Florida and possibly strike Cape Hatteras, N.C.
'Unprecedented': Calm upper atmosphere behind Hurricane Dorian's record stall out over Bahamas
Powerful Hurricane Dorian has been going nowhere because nothing high up is making it budge.

Christian News
Saffron Flags Usher in Hindu Nationalist India Where Christians Are Not Free to Worship
Christians in India are becoming more hard-pressed to find places where they can worship freely.

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