Prophecy News Watch - September 20, 2019

Around the World
Pentagon To Brief Trump On Potential Military Responses To Attack On Saudi Oil
The Pentagon is set to present a wide range of military options to President Donald Trump as he considers how to respond to an attack on Saudi Arabia’s oil industry that many in the administration have blamed on Iran.
Iran Envoy Warns of 'All-Out War' if Hit for Saudi Oil Facility Attack
Any attack on Iran by the U.S. or Saudi Arabia will spark an 'all-out war,' Tehran’s top diplomat warned Thursday, raising the stakes as Washington and Riyadh weigh a response to a drone-and-missile strike on the kingdom’s oil industry that shook global energy markets.
Saudi defense ministry: Attacks "unquestionably sponsored by Iran"
The Saudi defense ministry presented evidence Wednesday that Iran was behind an attack over the weekend on its largest oil facility, though it said a launch point had not yet been determined.
Saudi-led coalition launches operation near Yemeni port city Hodeida
Saudi state media said that the Saudi-led military coalition launched the operation against 'remote controlled' boats early Friday near Hodeida.
Bird populations plummet in the US and Canada
Bird populations dropped 29% since the 1970s in the US and Canada, scientists reported on Thursday.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Both Netanyahu and Gantz refuse to concede Israeli election
The two major parties in Israel’s Knesset are jockeying to form a ruling coalition after election results nearly mirrored April’s stalemate.
Committee publishes ‘almost final’ results; Blue and White lead Likud 33-31
The Central Election Committee published early Friday what it said were the 'almost final' results from Tuesday’s election, with Benny Gantz’s Blue and White centrist party maintaining a two-seat lead over Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud.
Results aren’t even official, but already nightmare 3rd election scenario looms
These are early days indeed to try to make sense of what government may emerge from the migraine-inducing complexity of Israel’s elections. We haven’t even gotten the final results yet. But the outcome everybody professes to want to avoid is already starting to loom in the distance.

Inside the United States
2nd '500-Year Rainfall' in 2 Years Will Cause $6 Billion to $8 Billion in Damages, AccuWeather Predicts
AccuWeather estimates the total damage and economic loss caused by Imelda will be $6 to $8 billion, according to the company's Founder and CEO Dr. Joel N. Myers, based on an analysis of damages expected from major flooding caused by heavy rainfall over eastern Texas and far southwestern Louisiana.
Border wall, Iran, Space Force among hurdles for $700 billion U.S. defense bill
Disputes between U.S. Republicans and Democrats over President Donald Trump’s proposed border wall, Space Force and his ability to launch a war with Iran are among the biggest obstacles Congress faces in passing a massive annual defense policy bill.
Federal judge blocks California from enforcing tax return law aimed at Trump: report
A federal judge on Thursday barred California from enforcing, at least for now, a new state law aimed at U.S. President Donald Trump that would require all candidates in state nominating contests for the presidency to release their tax returns, the Los Angeles Times reported.
House Democrats call for stripping tax-exempt status from 60 ‘hate groups’
House Democrats on the Ways and Means Committee said on Thursday that over 60 alleged hate groups, mostly socially conservative organizations, anti-immigration entities, and religious groups should be stripped of their tax-exempt status.

Christian News
Chinese government surveils communities with eye to catching believers
China is increasing its surveillance apparatus with a special focus on believers.