Prophecy News Watch - September 1, 2022

Around the World
Extreme weather could cause over $5 trillion in losses by 20250
A new report by Aquanomics GHD warns that increasingly extreme weather could cause over $5 trillion in losses to the global economy by 2050, Reuters reports.
Iran demands ‘stronger US guarantees’ in nuclear deal
Iran says it demanded stronger guarantees from the United States in the most recent draft of the nuclear deal, the latest indication that while talks on reviving the 2015 agreement are progressing, gaps still remain.
Silent prayer OK outside abortion counseling office, German court rules
A three-year battle over silent prayer near an abortion-counseling facility in Germany took a new turn Wednesday when a regional court ruled in favor of pro-life protesters.
UN cites possible crimes against humanity in China’s Xinjiang
China’s discriminatory detention of Uyghurs and other mostly Muslim ethnic groups in the western region of Xinjiang may constitute crimes against humanity, the UN human rights office said in a long-awaited report released Wednesday.
Iran said to expand uranium enrichment with new advanced centrifuges
As Iran and world powers appear closer than ever to signing a nuclear deal, a report Wednesday said that Tehran has moved to its next level of enriching uranium on new advanced centrifuges.
Super Typhoon Hinnamnor coming to South East Asia! Dangerous 160 mph wind speed alert!
Super Typhoon Hinnamnor, the strongest tropical storm of this year, is now moving towards the East China Sea, threatening Japan's southern islands, according to the Japan Meteorological Agency. The Hinnamnor Typhoon has been classified as a Super Typhoon by the Joint Typhoon Warning Center. The typhoon is currently travelling with winds at a staggering 160 miles per hour. The height of the maximum significant wave has been observed at 50 feet by the Joint Typhoon Warning Center.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Syria accuses Israel of consecutive airstrikes on Aleppo airport, Damascus
Syria accused Israel of carrying out two consecutive airstrikes on Wednesday night, the first against the Aleppo International Airport and the second near the capital Damascus.
If Israel fails to stop nuclear deal, it still has military means to prevent Iranian bomb
The Mossad intelligence agency chief David Barnea will visit Washington next week as part of Israel’s attempts to dissuade the US and other Western powers from signing the deal. Barnea will be the third senior Israeli official to do so in recent days after both Defense Minister Benny Gantz and national security adviser Eyal Hulata also visited Washington in the last week.

Inside the United States
SCOTUS Justice Sotomayor rejects NYC detective’s request to block COVID-19 vaccine mandate
A New York City Police Department detective may yet lose his job for refusing the COVID-19 vaccine after US Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor on Monday rejected his request for an emergency injunction that would prevent the city from firing him, the Associated Press reports.
U.S. sees ‘historic’ drop in life expectancy, driven by pandemic, drug overdoses, liver diseases
Life expectancy in the United States plummeted over the past several years, federal health authorities said this week, a grim reminder of the toll wrought by both the COVID-19 pandemic and a host of health maladies and illnesses that have come along with it.
NSA deploys Election Security Group to protect midterm elections
The National Security Agency and Cyber Command has deployed its Election Security Group (ESG) to combat foreign cyber operations aimed at disrupting U.S. elections ahead of the November midterm contests.

Christian News
Christian radio station forced out of Ukraine by Zelensky’s anti-Russian language law
A Christian radio station that ministers to Russian speakers has had to relocate from Ukraine to Hungary since Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky imposed an almost total ban on Russian music and television in July, Christianity Today (CT) reports.

Worthy Insights
CA School District Orders Book on 10 Sexual Orientations and 8 Genders
Less than a month ago, Fox reported that a California school district was teaching kids about their lady and man bits with a "Genderbread Man." If by some chance you thought things wouldn't get worse in CA, you were wrong.