Prophecy News Watch - October 28, 2022

Around the World
Russian Official Says Western Commercial Satellites Could Become ‘Legitimate’ Targets
A senior official from Russia's Foreign Ministry has warned that Western commercial satellites could become "legitimate" targets for Moscow if they were involved in the war in Ukraine.
Russia launches nuclear-capable missiles, sails nuclear ballistic submarine in ‘thunder’ exercises
Russia completed several intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) tests on Wednesday capable of carrying nuclear warheads in a previously scheduled "Grom" exercises.
Putin dubbed ‘fighter of the Antichrist’ as ‘de-Satanization’ rhetoric escalates
Russian President Vladimir Putin was dubbed a "fighter of the Antichrist" by a top religious figure as rhetoric referring to the war in Ukraine as a "de-Satanization" operation escalates.
China Willing to Deepen Relationship With Russia, Says Senior Diplomat
China is willing to deepen its relationship with Russia in all levels and any attempt to block the progress of the two nations will never succeed, China's senior diplomat Wang Yi said on Thursday.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Israel warns Syria of uptick in air strikes unless it stops smuggling weapons to Hezbollah
Israel has reportedly warned Syria that it will increase airstrikes on the country if it does not stop collaborating with Iran to smuggle weapons to the Lebanese terror group Hezbollah, the Times of Israel (TOI) reported on Thursday. It has not been confirmed when or how Israel made its threat to Syria.
A new era’: At border ceremony without handshakes, Israel-Lebanon deal takes effect
Israel and Lebanon’s landmark maritime border deal went into effect Thursday evening after a ceremony at a UN base near the border, ending years of conflict over the matter and repeated saber-rattling by the Hezbollah terror group.

Inside the United States
US to see Total Lunar Eclipse on midterm Election day
The US is set to see a total lunar eclipse early on Tuesday, November 8, 2022, midterm Election Day, USA Today reports.
Mortgage rates increase for 10th consecutive week, highest in over 20 years
US mortgage rates increased for the 10th consecutive week as of the week ending October 21, reaching the highest level they have been for over 20 years, the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) reports. Mortgage applications for the week ending October 21 also decreased by 1.7 percent from a week earlier.

Christian News
‘Clear Victory for Freedom of Speech and Religion’: Franklin Graham Wins in Court
Evangelist Franklin Graham scored a major religious freedom victory this week, with a Scottish court issuing a stern ruling claiming his organization was treated unfairly and unequally.
Israeli researchers say magnetic fields provide way to securely date biblical events
An interdisciplinary team of Israeli scientists and archaeologists may have come one step closer to “proving” the historical veracity of the Bible.
Mainline Protestant church adds ‘nonbinary/genderqueer’ to official membership statistics
A mainline Protestant denomination recently announced that it will be adding a "nonbinary/genderqueer" category to its annual report regarding church demographics.
China: CCP systematically shutting down churches
China Aid reports that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has continued to systematically close down churches and other Christian centers across the country.