Prophecy News Watch - October 24, 2019

Around the World
EU keeps UK waiting on Brexit delay, Johnson gears for an election
Britain could have a general election by the end of the year after Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Brexit bill was passed, but ultimately held up Tuesday.
No EU decision yet on Brexit delay, three months looks likely: diplomats
Ambassadors of the 27 EU member states that will remain after Britain leaves the bloc made no decision on London’s request for a Brexit delay at a meeting on Wednesday but will meet again to discuss the issue on Friday, three senior EU diplomats said.
Trump Lifts US Sanctions on Turkey, Says Ceasefire Northeastern Syria Permanent
President Donald Trump says a U.S. brokered ceasefire in Turkey's assault on Kurds in northeastern Syria has become permanent and Washington is lifting sanctions imposed on Ankara.
'We do not know where they are': More than 100 ISIS prisoners missing in Syria
More than 100 Islamic State prisoners have gone missing since Turkey invaded Syria, and the State Department doesn't know where they are, the department's anti-ISIS chief said today.
Despite setback, Kurds appear ready for Washington-Moscow spotlight
Syrian Kurdish leader General Mazlum Kobani was on the phone with the Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and got support from Washington on Wednesday, two weeks after it seemed his Syrian Democratic Forces were on the ropes against Turkey.
Google achieves ‘quantum supremacy’ with new supercomputer, but rivals are skeptical
Google announced today in an article published in the journal Nature that it has finally pulled off the computing benchmark, after a leak last month hinted at the feat. The company claims its quantum computer, which runs on a 54-qubit chip called Sycamore, took only 3 minutes and 20 seconds to calculate a problem that would take the world’s fastest computer 10,000 years to solve, Google says.
This Year’s Ozone Hole Is Smallest Ever Recorded
The ozone hole Antarctica is the smallest this year since scientists started tracking its thinning in 1982, federal researchers announced on Monday.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
UN expert calls for ban on Israeli products from settlements
The U.N. independent expert on human rights in the Palestinian territories called Wednesday for an international ban on all products made in Israeli settlements as a step to potentially end Israel’s 52-year 'illegal occupation.'
Rivlin tasks Gantz with forming government after Netanyahu failure
President Reuven Rivlin on Wednesday tasked Blue and White Party leader Benny Gantz with trying to form a coalition government, two days after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he was unable to do so when his allotted 28 days came to an end.
Mystery Martyr’s Church Unearthed in the Holy Land
A Byzantine-era church built in honor of an unnamed martyr has been unearthed near Jerusalem after a three-year excavation, Israeli researchers said on Wednesday.
Netanyahu agrees to meet PM-designate Gantz; other right, Orthodox leaders wait
Blue and White’s Benny Gantz and Likud’s Benjamin Netanyahu will meet in the coming days to discuss the possibility of forming a unity government, the parties said on Wednesday night, hours after the centrist leader was tasked with forming a government where the incumbent premier failed.

Inside the United States
House Republicans storm secure room, demand access to impeachment inquiry proceedings
House Republicans on Wednesday stormed the secure room where lawmakers have been conducting the impeachment probe against President Trump, upending a scheduled deposition as they demanded fairness from the Democrats running the show.
S.C. senators pass bill to bar most abortions after exemptions removed
Senators in South Carolina approved a proposal to ban virtually all abortions six weeks following conception after removing exemptions for pregnancies that are the result of rape and incest.
Battleground: 7 in 10 say US ‘on the edge of civil war’
Partisan political division and the resulting incivility has reached a low in America, with 67% believing that the nation is nearing civil war, according to a new national survey.
Republicans Blast 'Illegitimate' Impeachment Fueled by 'Triple Hearsay' as Dem 'Lynching' Hypocrisy Exposed
The fierce feud over Democratic efforts to impeach President Donald Trump is heating up to new levels this week as Republicans label the House Democrats' impeachment inquiry 'illegitimate'. And President Trump is describing the impeachment probe as a 'lynching', sparking a whole new debate.
GOP Lawmakers Cannot View Impeachment Docs Without Supervision of Democrats
Democrats are denying Republican lawmakers access to a trove of documents surrounding the impeachment proceeding against President Donald Trump unless they are supervised by Democratic staffers, according to a letter sent by all 21 GOP members of the House Foreign Affairs Committee.
Thousands of Witches Plot a 'Binding Spell' Against President Trump for Friday
As if battling House Democrats' impeachment inquiry against him wasn't enough, President Donald Trump will next have to face a 'binding spell' cast by 'thousands' of witches late Friday night.

Christian News
Impeachment threat hasn't dented evangelical support for Trump
Evangelical support for Donald Trump has not wained despite the threat of impeachment hanging over the US President.
Churches destroyed by ISIS in Iraq to be rebuilt
Two Iraq churches that were destroyed by the so-called Islamic State are to be rebuilt with the help of the Muslim-majority United Arab Emirates.
Christian NGO opens 58 food distribution centers to aid civilians fleeing war-torn northern Syria
A United States-based Christian humanitarian agency says it's feeding around 10,000 people a day in war-torn northeastern Syria as local workers and volunteers put their lives on the line to serve those in need following the Turkish invasion this month.