Prophecy News Watch - October 21, 2022

Around the World
New Zealand cattle and sheep farmers protest “burp” tax
New Zealand cattle and sheep farmers have engaged in over 50 nationwide demonstrations, protesting the government’s proposed plans to tax climate-heating gasses that farm animals release when burping, Sky News reports.
Britain’s Liz Truss Resigns As Prime Minister After Turbulent Six Weeks
Prime Minister Liz Truss resigned Thursday after less than two months in office amid pressure following a reversal of economic policies that led to economic instability.
Britain Says Russian Warplane Fired Missile Close To U.K. Spy Aircraft Over Black Sea
A Russian fighter jet last month released a missile near an unarmed British spy plane in international airspace over the Black Sea, Defense Secretary Ben Wallace told Parliament on October 20.
Monday to get relief to more than a million people displaced by the country’s deadliest flooding in a decade.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Ukraine officially asks Israel for Iron Dome, Iron Beam, other defense tech
In an official request submitted to Israel this week, the Ukrainian government asked for top air defense systems developed by Israel, some of which are not yet operational, according to a letter obtained by the Axios website.
Russia draws down forces in Syria, including air defense system which hindered Israel
In an apparent bid to bolster its offensive in Ukraine, Russia has drawn down forces in Syria, including removing an S-300 anti-aircraft system that had posed a major threat to Israeli fighter jets striking Iran-backed Hezbollah targets in the country, the Times of Israel reported Thursday.
Israel: IDF launches major drill along border with Lebanon
The Israel Defense Forces said Thursday it has launched a week-long program of military drills in the north of Israel following recent heightened tensions with northern neighbor Lebanon’s Hezbollah terror group, the Times of Israel (TOI) reports.

Inside the United States
Watchdog finds more than 400 alleged crimes documented in Hunter Biden laptop
A watchdog group examining Hunter Biden's laptop has released a report documenting more than 400 alleged crimes involving the president's son and his business partners.
CDC votes to add COVID-19 shot to program of recommended childhood vaccines
The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) voted Wednesday to add the COVID-19 vaccination to America’s list of recommended childhood vaccines, Yahoo News reports. States are not obliged to follow CDC vaccine recommendations.
US Home Sales Fall for Eighth Straight Month
U.S. existing home sales dropped for an eighth straight month in September as surging mortgage rates and still-elevated selling prices push affordability beyond the reach of many prospective buyers.