Prophecy News Watch - October 18, 2022

Around the World
Saudi prince sends threat to the West after Biden warns of consequences for kingdom
A Saudi prince related to Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman's seemingly took aim at President Biden and the U.S., warning leaders not to threaten Saudi Arabia.
NATO kicks off nuclear drills amid tensions with Russia over Ukraine war
ATO on Monday began its long-planned annual nuclear exercises in northwestern Europe as tensions simmer over the war in Ukraine and Russian President Vladimir Putin’s threat to use any means to defend Russian territory.
Netherlands In Turmoil Over Cruise Ships For Migrants (Worthy News In-Depth)
Political tensions are rising in the Netherlands after the Dutch government decided to accommodate thousands of migrants on cruise ships.
Russian ‘Kamikaze Drones’ Kill People In Ukraine
Ukraine said Monday that Russian strikes, involving drones and drones, killed at least seven people, including a couple in the capital Kyiv.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Russian ex-president: If Israel sends weapons to Ukraine it will destroy Moscow ties
Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev on Monday warned Israel against sending weaponry to Ukraine, saying it would destroy all diplomatic relations between Jerusalem and Moscow.

Inside the United States
Biden officials put on notice to preserve documents ahead of expected congressional probes
House Republican leaders have told the Biden administration to preserve documents related to the targeting of parents at school board meetings and the botched U.S. pullout from Afghanistan, as the lawmakers prepare for congressional investigations next year.
California Teacher Fired for Refusing to Promote Same-Sex Marriage to Kids
A California teacher is suing her former employer, claiming she was harassed and wrongfully terminated because she refused to read children's books promoting same-sex marriage to children ages one to five years old due to her religious convictions.

Christian News
China: Christian man fined over $20,000 for illegal religious activity
A Christian man in China was fined $20,850 last month for allegedly “carrying out religious training without authorization,” International Christian Concern (ICC) reports.
Ukrainian church driven underground in Russian-occupied areas
Russian soldiers have been shutting down churches in occupied parts of Ukraine forcing Ukrainian Christians to meet in secret, Christian Today (CT) reports.