Prophecy News Watch - November 8, 2018

Around the World
Pompeo abruptly cancels meeting with North Korean diplomat over nukes
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has postponed without explanation a planned meeting with a top North Korean official in New York Thursday meant to pump new momentum into talks over Pyongyang’s nuclear arsenal.
Russia asks U.N. Security Council to discuss North Korea sanctions Thursday
Russia has asked the United Nations Security Council to discuss North Korea sanctions on Thursday, diplomats said, a move that comes after a planned meeting between top U.S. and North Korean officials in New York this week was postponed.
US report: Iran provoking and threatening the US in Syria and Iraq
Iranian forces in Syria may present a threat to the US and in Iraq the Iranian threat is increasing, according to a new report from the US Department of Defense. The Lead Inspector General report on Operation Inherent Resolve was released on Tuesday and reviews the US role fighting Islamic State in Syria and Iraq.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Israel, Greece drill air forces as Syria builds up arms
Following the delivery of advanced Russian air defense systems to Syria, the Israeli Air Force held joint drills with the Hellenic Air Force in Greece over the last 12 days, as part of the growing defense cooperation between the two countries.

Inside the United States
Trump administration rolls back Obamacare's birth control rule
The Trump administration will exempt employers from providing insurance coverage for birth control if it conflicts with their religious or moral beliefs, scaling back a rule created under the Obama administration.
Jeff Sessions resigns as attorney general at Trump's request
Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the first sitting senator to endorse Donald Trump for president, is no longer in charge of the Department of Justice.
Pollsters botch key races as turnout models over-count Democrats
Pollsters on Tuesday avoided their disastrous 2016 election forecasts by correctly predicting that Democrats would regain control of the House, though botching some important statewide races.
Alabama, West Virginia Voters Lay Groundwork to Outlaw Abortion
Voters in Alabama and West Virginia passed constitutional amendments Tuesday that could result in abortion being outlawed if the U.S. Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade.
Op-Ed: Pro-life movement makes small but important strides in midterm elections
Abortion was on Election Day ballot measures in three states. This is unusual and significant — it’s even more important that two of the three measures passed. It demonstrates a shift in culture that could affect political rhetoric, abortion policies, and overall, the lives of the unborn.
Trump suggests he has a secret 'solution' to abortion issue
President Trump indicated Wednesday that he had a compromise solution between Republicans and Democrats on abortion policy, but wouldn't elaborate on the plan.
Judge panel rules Maryland congressional map unconstitutional
A panel of three federal judges ruled Wednesday that Maryland's congressional map was unconstitutional and ordered the state to draw a new one in time for the 2020 election.

Christian News
Over 180 Christians Still Detained by Thailand Authorities for Over 2 Months
A group of 181 Christian refugees fleeing religious persecution in Vietnam has been detained in Thailand for the last two months.
79 Kidnapped Christian School Students Freed in Cameroon
The 79 school children kidnapped by unidentified gunmen from a school in Cameroon have been released, but two of the three staff members abducted are still being held, said a church official.