Prophecy News Watch - November 7, 2018

Around the World
Saudi reactor triggers fears of nuclear race with Iran
Saudi Arabia has begun work on its first nuclear research reactor, prompting fresh concern Riyadh will soon seek to develop nuclear weapons if Iran restarts its own weapons program amid Washington’s reimposition of sanctions and withdrawal from the 2015 Iranian nuclear deal.
French president Macron revives idea of 'true European' army outside NATO
French President Emmanuel Macron is once again stoking debate over the need for a Europe-wide military force to defend against an increasingly aggressive Russia, a force that critics fear could undercut and compete with the transatlantic NATO alliance.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
With Mideast peace plan, Kushner prepares his debut
At a standing desk in his cramped, high-ceilinged West Wing office, US President Donald Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser has labored for nearly two years over a detailed plan for peace in the Middle East. Along the way he has granted a mere handful of interviews, none of which have provided much in substance of a plan that has, up until now, remained the administration’s most closely guarded secret.
Security agency chief warns of deceptive calm: We foiled 480 major terror attacks this year
The Shin Bet security agency has thwarted 480 Palestinian terrorist attacks so far in 2018, agency Director Nadav Argaman told the Knesset's Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee on Tuesday.

Inside the United States
Senate Republicans ride the Trump train to an expanded majority, even as House GOP falls
The Republican Party expanded its majority in the U.S. Senate in Tuesday’s divisive midterm elections, riding a Trump train fueled by red-state enthusiasm right through the rough political headwinds that knocked the GOP from power in the House of Representatives.
Split decision: Democrats flip House while Republicans add to Senate majority
Democrats ousted Republicans in suburban districts across the country Tuesday, taking the reins of power in the House and vowing to stand as a check to President Trump’s agenda.
Democrats' House victory complicates Trump's trade agenda
Tuesday’s Democratic re-taking of the House could complicate, but not necessarily undermine, President Trump’s trade agenda by giving the opposition party more leverage to pick apart the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement and other deals.

Christian News
North Korean Christians ‘Desperate’ for Bibles, Risking Death to Acquire a Copy
North Korea’s Christians are so hungry for a Bible that they’re willing to risk 15 years in a labor camp or even death to acquire a copy of God’s Word.