Prophecy News Watch - November 4, 2019

Around the World
Flooding in East Africa Affects More Than 1 Million People
An aid group estimates that more than 1 million people in East Africa are affected by flooding after higher-than-normal rainfall.
Hong Kong protesters met with tear gas after attacking Chinese news agency offices
Police fired tear gas at demonstrators in Hong Kong on Saturday following an attack on China's official Xinhua news agency and local metro stations, as the anti-government movement nears the five-month mark.
Trump absent, ASEAN charts path for trade bloc led by China
Southeast Asian leaders agreed Sunday to work with China and other neighbors to transcend conflicts over trade policies and territorial disputes for the sake of stronger economies and regional stability.
Russia Prepares Largest-Ever ‘Satan-2’ Ballistic Missile Tests
Russia is preparing to conduct at least five tests next year of its new ballistic missile that has been called the largest missile in history, the Vedomosti newspaper reported Wednesday.
Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage will not run in UK election
Nigel Farage, the leader of Britain’s upstart Brexit Party, said on Sunday he would not stand in next month’s election, choosing instead to campaign countrywide against Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s EU divorce deal.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Russia nixed arms sales to Israel’s enemies at its request, PM’s adviser says
Russia acquiesced to Israeli requests and canceled certain arms sales to regimes that are antagonistic toward Israel, an adviser to the prime minister said this week, according to the Ynet news site.
IDF prepares for more, longer-range rockets from Gaza as tense calm resumes
The Israel Defense Forces is preparing for a scenario in which Palestinian terror groups will continue to launch rockets at Israeli communities following a weekend of violence, and perhaps even increase their range to target bigger cities.
Israel's Netanyahu Promises Covert Actions against Enemies
Israel's prime minister says the military will continue to strike its enemies, including through covert missions, after a weekend flareup of violence in the Gaza Strip.

Inside the United States
Record 158,510,000 Americans Employed in October; 23rd Record for Trump
Following September’s blockbuster employment report, the Bureau of Labor Statistics on Friday said more records were set in October.
US economy added 128K jobs in October, beating estimates
The U.S. economy added 128,000 jobs in October and the unemployment rate ticked up to 3.6%, according to new data released Friday, overcoming the drag from a monthlong General Motors strike that ended last week.
Black unemployment at new record low
The black unemployment rate hit an all-time low for the month of October, making it three straight record months of record unemployment among black Americans.
US debt surpasses $23 trillion for first time
The federal government's outstanding public debt has surpassed $23 trillion for the first time in history, according to data from the Treasury Department released on Friday.
Atheist Group Fights to Remove National Motto 'In God We Trust' from FL Patrol Cars
An atheist group says plans to put an "In God We Trust" decal on the back of new police cars in Brevard County, Florida is an "inappropriate" injection of religion into public life.

Christian News
Nearly 700 languages now have a complete Bible translation
There are now complete Bible translations in nearly 700 languages.
'Golden Rule 2020': Churches pray for civility in presidential election
A theologically diverse group of Christians will come together to pray for political civility as the United States is a year away from the next presidential election.
Urgent Call to Pray for Syria: Thousands of Christians Face Exile or Extinction
Turkish-led jihadist troops advancing on a Syrian Christian town could begin an ethnic cleansing campaign in the next few hours, attorney and religious freedom advocate Lauren Homer tells CBN News.