Prophecy News Watch - November 2, 2022

Around the World
Germany registered 5 antisemitic incidents a day in first half of 2022
ermany’s Federal Criminal Police Office registered an average of five antisemitic incidents every day in the first half of this year alone, the Jerusalem Post reports.
Ukraine ships wartime record amount of grain
Ukraine on Monday managed to ship a wartime record amount of grain to feed people facing famine around the world, despite Russia’s decision to suspend its participation in the Turkey-UN brokered Black Sea grain export deal it agreed to in July, Sky News reports.
Kyiv: ‘Massive Russian Missile Strikes Hit Ukraine’ (Worthy News Radio)
Ukraine said Monday that Russia launched a new wave of missile attacks across the country, including in Kyiv. The strikes appeared in retaliation for what Russia said was a Ukrainian drone attack on its Black Sea Fleet in Crimea, the peninsula it annexed from Ukraine in 2014.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
‘Israel’s Ex-PM Netanyahu Wins Elections’
Israel’s controversial ex-Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his right-wing allies have won 61 seats, enough to form a majority in the 120-seat Knesset, Israel’s Parliament, election exit polls showed Tuesday.
UN General Assembly votes Israel must renounce possession of its nuclear weapons
The United Nations General Assembly has again voted overwhelmingly that, even though Israel has never confirmed it has nuclear weapons, Israel must give up any atomic bombs it has and give the International Atomic Energy Agency access to inspect its nuclear sites, the Jerusalem Post reports.

Inside the United States
Supreme Court Takes up Affirmative Action
The Supreme Court is taking up two cases that could overturn major precedent on affirmative action.
The Government Is Set To Spend More On Debt Payments Than The Entire Defense Budget
Interest on federal debt is set to skyrocket, potentially surpassing defense spending by as early as 2025, CNN reported Tuesday.
Supreme Court blocks House from Trump’s taxes, for now
Congress cannot access the tax returns of former President Donald Trump until the Supreme Court considers the issue on the merits.

Christian News
Nigeria: Slaughter of Christians continues
The slaughter of Christians in Nigeria has seen no let-up as suspected Fulani herdsmen and other Islamic militant terrorists killed 12 mainly women, children, and elderly Christians during attacks in Benue state last month, Morning Star News (MSN) reports.
Uganda: Evangelists attacked after leading Muslims to Christ, “We need your prayers all the time”
Islamist extremists in eastern Uganda attacked two evangelists with knives earlier this month after the Christians led local Muslims to Christ, Morning Star News (MSN) reports.
US Missionaries Rush ‘Heat and Hope’ To Ukraine As Missiles Hit
A U.S.-based mission group said Monday that it is rushing generators and critical supplies of firewood, coal, and thermal blankets to local churches in war-torn Ukraine as “families face a brutal and potentially deadly winter.”

Worthy Watch
‘Planet killer’ asteroid spotted hiding in the sun’s glare
Astronomers have spotted three near-Earth asteroids that were lurking undetected within the glare of the sun. One of the asteroids is the largest potentially hazardous object posing a risk to Earth to be discovered in the last eight years.

Worthy Insights
Major Bank Explores Use of Digital Identity
JPMorgan is exploring the idea of a digital wallet that would allow users to control their digital identity and assets across platforms, though the potential offering’s level of decentralization remains to be seen.
Fury as the CDC quietly replaces ‘pregnant women’ with ‘pregnant people’ in flu vaccine advice to be inclusive to trans groups
The terms 'women' and 'woman' have been quietly scrubbed from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidance on flu vaccines during pregnancy.