Prophecy News Watch - November 17, 2022

Around the World
NATO chief blames Russia for missile accident in Poland (Worthy News Radio)
The secretary general of the NATO military alliance said Wednesday that a missile that landed in Poland killing two people was "most likely" related to Ukrainian air defense systems, though he still blamed Moscow for causing the tragedy. Jens Stoltenberg spoke after a NATO emergency meeting sparked by the first cross-border missile incident since Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Israel thinks Iran 2 years from being able to detonate nuke
Top Israeli sources confirmed to The Jerusalem Post what has only been hinted at until now, that Jerusalem is banking on a mix of global pressure and a two-year breakout time it believes Iran would need to master nuclear weapon detonation and delivery, which means that a large-scale attack on Iranian nuclear facilities is not likely in the cards, even to prevent Tehran from crossing the threshold of 90% weaponized uranium enrichment.

Inside the United States
Senate advances bipartisan same-sex, interracial marriage bill
The Senate on Wednesday voted to advance a bipartisan bill to protect same-sex and interracial marriages and enshrine a number of religious liberty protections in federal statute.
Credit Card Debt Jumps to Two-Decade High as U.S. Economy Tumbles
Americans are running up credit card debt at historic levels as they struggle with soaring inflation.
Federal Judge Stays Decision Blocking Title 42
A federal judge on Wednesday gave the Biden administration until Dec. 21 to wind down its use of Title 42 to expel migrants.
Republicans secure majority in House of Representatives
Republicans have secured a majority in the House of Representatives when the 118th U.S. Congress convenes next January.
Trump Again Running For President Despite Controversies
Donald J. Trump announced Tuesday night that he was running for president in 2024 to recapture the White House after raising doubts that he lost the 2020 election.

Christian News
Ukrainian prison ministry is helping Russian POWs
A Ukrainian prison ministry has begun caring for Russian prisoners of war that were captured in the ongoing invasion of Ukraine by Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, Christianity Today (CT) reports.
500 anti-Christian hate crimes documented in Europe last year
Europe saw over 500 documented Anti-Christian Hate Crimes in 2021, the Observatory on Intolerance and Discrimination Against Christians (OIDAC) says in its annual report available online. In addition to the incidents documented, OIDAC attests there is a “reasonable probability” of even higher numbers of incidents that were not reported on.
Russian army attacked 270 religious sites in Ukraine during first months of invasion
A new report by the Ukrainian-based Institute for Religious Freedom (IRF) shows that the Russian army destroyed or damaged 270 houses of worship, religious, educational institutions, and sacred sites in Ukraine in the first five months of the invasion launched by Russian President Vladimir Putin in February, Church Leaders (CL) reports.