Prophecy News Watch - November 15, 2019

Around the World
US, Allies Split Over Fate of IS Foreign Fighters
The United States and other members of the coalition to defeat the Islamic State failed to reach consensus on what to do with captured foreign fighters, one of several issues threatening to reverse gains made against the terror group in Syria and Iraq.
Iran begins to clear path to nuclear weapon
Iran has taken unprecedented steps toward acquiring a nuclear weapon in the last few weeks.
Ex-IAEA Official: Iran’s Apparent Explanation for Uranium at Tehran Site is Dubious
A former IAEA official says diplomats working with the U.N. nuclear agency do not believe Iran’s apparent explanation for the presence of manmade uranium particles at a site in southern Tehran.
China, Russia declare strategic alliance for 'new era'
Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russia's Vladimir Putin expressed solidarity during the BRICS Summit in Brazil this week, resuming a policy of closer cooperation marking the 70th anniversary of diplomatic ties.
BRICS back Paris agreement, oppose Syria military solution
Members of the BRICS group of nations said Thursday that they are committed to implementing the Paris climate agreement and there cannot be a military solution to Syria’s conflict.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Two more rockets fired from Gaza hours after 'cease-fire' declaration; Israel responds by striking Islamic Jihad 'terror' targets: IDF
Rockets continue to be launched from Gaza into southern Israel, hours after a cease-fire was declared between Israel and Gaza’s militant Islamic Jihad group early Thursday, according to Israel Defense Forces (IDF), which added that the Israeli military is responding by striking 'terror' targets.
Cyprus signs $9 Billion gas exploitation deal with Israeli firm, energy majors
Cyprus announced last week that it signed its first-ever natural gas exploitation deal for the Aphrodite gas field, saying it chose a consortium comprising Israel's Delek, industry giant Shell, US-based Noble.

Inside the United States
Court rules Dems can demand 8 years of Trump's taxes
House Democrats can demand eight years of President Trump’s tax returns, a federal appeals court ruled Wednesday in a decision that sets up a fierce legal battle before the U.S. Supreme Court.
Minds made up: Democrats barrel toward impeachment
Democrats are calling it extortion, while Republicans say it’s a sham impeachment proceeding.