Prophecy News Watch - November 1, 2019

Around the World
North Korea says it test-fired new multiple rocket launcher
North Korea confirmed Friday it conducted its third test-firing of a new 'super-large' multiple rocket launcher that it says expands its ability to destroy enemy targets in surprise attacks.
ISIS confirms death of Baghdadi, names new leader
The Islamic State has confirmed that its leader, Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, died during a U.S. special operations forces raid and has named his successor.
Eyeing Impeachment Inquiry, North Korea Pushes US on Denuclearization Deadline
Facing an impeachment inquiry, U.S. President Donald Trump is unlikely to make any new decisions on North Korea even as Pyongyang has elevated warnings to pressure Washington to grant greater concessions on stalled denuclearization talks by the end of the year, experts said.
US Reportedly Withholding Military Aid From Lebanon, Where Hezbollah is Deeply Entrenched
The Trump administration is reportedly withholding $105 million in military aid from Lebanon, a move that comes after Israel called on Western countries to make assistance conditional on the Lebanese government clamping down on Hezbollah’s attempts to acquire precision-guided missiles.
Russia's internet law a 'new level' of censorship: RSF
A new law that went into effect in Russia on Friday takes 'internet censorship in Russia to a new level,' press freedom advocacy group Reporters without Borders (RSF) says.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Gantz: I'm determined to have broad unity government, not third elections
Blue and White and Likud continued to disparage one another and express extreme skepticism about the possibility of building a coalition, even as the parties held talks to form a unity government.
IDF responds to Gaza rocket fire, strikes two Hamas posts
An IDF tank and aircraft struck two military posts belonging the Hamas terrorist organization in the northern Gaza Strip as a response to rocket fire from Gaza on Thursday evening, the IDF Spokesperson's Unit said in a press release.
IAF chief: Security challenges posed by Iran becoming more complex
Amid the backdrop of the threat of Iranian cruise missiles, Tehran's influence in the Syrian civil war, and its proxy in Yemen, the Houthi rebel group, Israel Air Force commander Maj. Gen. Amikam Norkin on Wednesday said, 'The security challenge is becoming more complex. In addition to the missiles and rockets, there are also attack drones and cruise missiles now.'

Inside the United States
House Votes 232 to 196 to Continue Impeachment Inquiry Against President Trump
The Democratic-controlled House of Representatives voted on Thursday to continue its impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump.
Kentucky Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Christian Print Shop Owner
The Kentucky Supreme Court handed a victory Thursday to Lexington promotional print shop owner Blaine Adamson.
Half of millennials and 75% of Gen Zers have left their job for mental health reasons
Cases of burnout have been increasing at an alarming rate in recent years among millennials and Gen Zers. It’s a growing problem in today’s workplace because of trends like rising workloads, limited staff and resources and long hours.

Christian News
Putin pledges to 'do everything to protect Christians in the Middle East'
Russian President Vladimir Putin pledged to protect Christians threatened by the conflict in Syria, appealing to the plight of religious minorities as justification for Russia's involvement.