Prophecy News Watch - May 22, 2019

Around the World
Iran's Rouhani rejects talks with Washington
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani rejected talks with the United States on Tuesday, after President Donald Trump said Iran would call and ask for negotiations 'if and when they are ever ready'.
U.S. warns Assad against using chemical weapons
The U.S. State Department warned the Bashar al-Assad government in Syria that its military operations were being closely watched, specifically concerning allegations that it used chemical weapons against rebels.
Britain's Theresa May begs Labour to support her 'last chance' Brexit compromise
British Prime Minister Theresa May has asked Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to support her Brexit deal after offering sweeteners including the chance to vote on whether to hold a second referendum.
Iran Resumes 3.76% Enrichment of Uranium, Bucking Trump’s Offer for a Phone Call
Iran has resumed its enrichment of uranium, quadrupling its enrichment capacity, the Iranian state-run IRNA news agency reports.

Russian bombers fly near Alaska coast, US military says
Four nuclear-capable Russian bombers and two Russian fighter jets were intercepted off the west coast of Alaska by U.S. aircraft, American military officials said Monday.
Nigel Farage taps anger in UK's Brexit-dominated EU election
No one in Britain is more enthusiastic about this week's European Union elections than people who hate the EU.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Abbas aide: U.S. peace plan will fail without Palestinian statehood
Any American peace plan that ignores the Palestinian people's political aspirations for an independent state is doomed to fail, a senior Palestinian official said Monday -- boding poorly for a Mideast peace conference in Bahrain, planned next month.
Israel Condemns Top UN Official for Meeting With Hezbollah Leader
Israel on Tuesday condemned a top UN official for meeting with a Hezbollah leader in Lebanon.

Inside the United States
Trump to Democrats: Pass Trade Deal, Then Infrastructure
President Donald Trump is telling Democratic leaders that he believes Congress should first pass a new trade deal with Canada and Mexico before taking up a bill to boost the nation’s infrastructure.
Survey: Americans' confidence in job market at record high
Pollster Gallup said Tuesday more Americans are confident in the U.S. job market than they've been at any other time in the history of the poll.
AG Barr blasts federal judges who impose nationwide injunctions
Attorney General William Barr blasted federal judges who have issued more than 37 nationwide injunctions during the Trump administration, more than in the entirety of the 20th century.
Half of American adults expect war with Iran 'within next few years'
Half of all Americans believe that the United States will go to war with Iran 'within the next few years,' according to a Reuters/Ipsos public opinion poll released on Tuesday amid increased tensions between the two countries.
‘Chick-fil-A’ Bill Reignites LGBT Opposition in Texas
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has signaled he will sign legislation that Republicans say is a defense of Chick-fil-A and religious freedom, but gay lawmakers sometimes tearfully railed against it on the House floor as a license to discriminate.
U.S. House Democrats subpoena more Trump ex-aides, including Hicks
A U.S. House committee chairman on Tuesday subpoenaed two more former White House aides, including Hope Hicks, just hours after former White House Counsel Donald McGahn was a no-show for testimony before the panel at President Donald Trump’s request.
Black Christian leaders protest new Planned Parenthood in Charlotte, lament ‘silent genocide’
African-American first ladies and church leaders in Charlotte protested the opening of a Planned Parenthood clinic in Charlotte Monday, shouting that the nation’s largest abortion provider is not welcome in the city.
California sues Trump administration to return high-speed rail funding
California sued the Trump administration Tuesday over its decision to pull nearly $ 1billion in federal funding for a high-speed rail project.

Christian News
Christian TV network’s Jerusalem studio firebombed: 'You can't silence...the Gospel'
A Christian news station was firebombed in Jerusalem early Saturday. An arsonist set fire to Daystar Television Network's studio at Mount Zion around 2:30 a.m. Saturday before escaping by rope and running away, according to security footage.
Report: Religious Couples Have Happier Marriages
Both religion and egalitarianism have something to offer those seeking a happy marriage in a world of shifting mores—though religion leads to more children—a new report on international perspectives on marital happiness shows.