Prophecy News Watch - March 27, 2019

Around the World
China Building Long-Range Cruise Missile Launched From Ship Container
China is building a long-range cruise missile fired from a shipping container that could turn Beijing's large fleet of freighters into potential warship and commercial ports into future missile bases.
EU Parliament approves controversial copyright reform
Lawmakers have backed a preliminary deal on a controversial new EU copyright law, which will force the likes of Google and YouTube to pay publishers for using their work. Critics fear for the freedom of the internet.
US targets 'vast network' for evading Iran sanctions
The Trump administration moved Tuesday to break up a group of Iranian-linked companies that has transferred around $1 billion to Iran in violation of U.S. sanctions on the country.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
After US recognition, Syria requests UN Security Council meeting on Golan
Syria asked the United Nations Security Council on Tuesday to hold an urgent meeting on the US decision to recognize the Golan Heights as Israeli territory.
Gaza rockets, Israeli airstrikes resume overnight after tense lull
The cross-border fighting between Israel and Hamas, which resumed late Tuesday evening, continued into early Wednesday, with Israeli military striking several Hamas military positions in Gaza, while air-raid sirens sounded in southern Israeli communities.

Inside the United States
Supreme Court warily weighs partisan gerrymandering
The Supreme Court appeared convinced Tuesday that congressional maps drawn by two state legislatures were overly partisan, but worried whether judges themselves should be the ones to remedy the long-simmering issue.
Republican-led US Senate Rejects Green New Deal
The Republican-led Senate Tuesday night voted against consideration of the Democratically-supported New Green Deal -- the outline of an ambitious plan to get the U.S. off climate-changing fossil fuels.
Federal Spending Hits Highest Level Since Bank Bailout and Obama Stimulus
The federal government spent $1,822,712,000,000 in the first five months of fiscal 2019, the most it has spent in the first five months of any fiscal year since 2009, which was the fiscal year that outgoing President George W. Bush signed a $700-billion law to bailout the banking industry and incoming President Barack Obama signed a $787-billion law to stimulate an economy then in recession.
Republicans beat back House attempt to override Trump's border wall veto
House Democrats on Tuesday failed to garner the votes needed to override Trump’s veto of a bill blocking his emergency border wall funding.

Christian News
Advocates for Persecuted Christians Cite Need for Western Intervention as Nigerian Crisis Continues to Escalate
Boko Haram terrorists have finally taken over the town of Michika in Nigeria’s Adamawa state, after repeated incursions in 2014 and 2016.
UN’s 40th Session of the Human Rights Council Sees Petitions for Greater Acknowledgment of Christian Refugees
The plight of Vietnam’s Montagnard Christians was highlighted at this month’s 40th session of the UN Human Rights Council, as a string of advocates attempts to spur UN action on Christian refugees in 2019.
Cornell University Disinvites Black Christian Pro-Life Speaker Because of Her Belief in Biblical Marriage
A black Christian speaker was recently disinvited from an on-campus debate due to her biblical beliefs about sexuality. It's just the latest example of American universities blocking Christian views from the spotlight.
Democrats, Muslim lawmaker decry Christian prayer in Penn. House as divisive
The first female Muslim member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives said Tuesday she was offended by a colleague’s decision to open a voting session with a prayer a day earlier that 'at the name of Jesus every knee will bow.'