Prophecy News Watch - March 26, 2019

Around the World
Russia, Syria, Lebanon blast Trump’s Golan Heights recognition
Russia, Syria, and Lebanon on Monday criticized the United States for recognizing the Golan Heights as Israeli territory.
Russian military planes carrying troops and Moscow defense official land in Venezuela
Two Russian air force planes arrived in Venezuela over the weekend, carrying about 100 troops and nearly 40 tons of cargo.
Theresa May: No ‘sufficient support’ for third vote on Brexit deal
U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May told the House of Commons that there was still not enough support among MPs to bring her Brexit deal back for a third vote.
Trump turns to trade fights with Congress, China and Europe now that the Mueller probe is mostly out of the way
President Donald Trump will throw himself fully into his battle to overhaul U.S. trade deals this week with special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation -- mostly -- behind him.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
IDF bombs Hamas targets, including ‘secret HQ,’ after rocket hits Israeli home
The Israeli military began bombing targets throughout the Gaza Strip on Monday evening, some 12 hours after a rocket fired from the coastal enclave slammed into a home in central Israel, injuring seven people.
Alongside PM, Trump signs proclamation recognizing Israeli sovereignty on Golan
US President Donald Trump on Monday formally recognized Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights, saying the dramatic shift in American policy will help Israel defend itself against regional threats.
Israeli Missile Defense Chief: 1st Test of Arrow 3 over Alaska Coming Soon
Israel’s missile defense chief says his nation will soon use U.S. airspace for the first time to conduct a flight test of a system designed to protect the Jewish state from a long-range Iranian missile strike.

Inside the United States
Pentagon approves $1B transfer for 57 miles of border wall projects
The Pentagon has signed off on $1 billion for the U.S Army Corps of Engineers to support the Homeland Security Department and Customs and Border Protection in constructing a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, the Department of Defense announced Monday.
Democrats demand full Mueller report; Trump says that’s OK with him
President Donald Trump said Monday that the release of special counsel Robert Mueller’s full report 'wouldn’t bother me at all' as congressional Democrats clamored for the Justice Department to release the entire document and not just the summary from Attorney General William Barr.
Michigan bars Christian adoption agencies from refusing LGBT couples after legal settlement
Adoption and foster care agencies in Michigan who contract with the state can no longer refuse to place children with qualified same-sex parents over religious reasons thanks to a legal settlement Friday that some fear will put faith-based agencies out of business.
Rubio leads constitutional push to stop Democrats ‘packing’ Supreme Court
Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., introduced a constitutional amendment Monday which would preserve the Supreme Court at nine justices and prevent Democrats 'packing the court,' as some 2020 candidates have proposed.
The end for Obamacare? Trump administration says it will ask a court to throw out entire health law
The Trump administration told a federal court late Monday that it would ask judges to toss out the entire Affordable Care Act, a decision that cast further uncertainty over the future of a federal law that has extended health insurance to millions of Americans.
Ohio abortion clinics may lose funding if elective procedures are performed
Ohio officials have given notice to Planned Parenthood and other health care providers that the state may soon end their funding if they 'perform or promote' elective abortions, under a state law recently deemed constitutional by a federal appeals court.
The Flood-Hit Midwest Is Bracing for Even More Rain
Floodwaters are receding across most of the hard-hit Midwest, but there could be new problems if the forecast for significant rain later this week holds up. Already the flooding along the Missouri River and its tributaries has caused at least $3 billion damage and forced thousands from their homes as floodwaters penetrated or flowed over several hundred miles of levees.
Homeland missile defense system takes out ICBM threat in historic salvo test
The Missile Defense Agency is deeming the first salvo test — conducted today — of its homeland missile defense system against an intercontinental ballistic missile threat a success, according an agency statement.
Trump Boost Bills to Teach Bible in Public Schools
President Trump signaled his support on Monday for state bills that would allow public schools to teach courses in the Bible, which he once proclaimed was his favorite book.
Miss. Governor Signs Heartbeat Bill
Phil Bryant, the Republican governor of Mississippi, signed a bill into law on March 21 that prohibits abortions after a baby's heartbeat can be detected, which is at approximately six weeks. In a tweet about the legislation, the governor said all people will answer to God one day and he wants to be able to say, 'I fought for the lives of innocent babies.'

Christian News
Moms Are Influencing Children for Christ. Dads? Not So Much, Survey Finds
Christians are far more likely to say their mothers had a bigger influence on their faith than did their fathers, according to a new Barna study that examines the roles that moms and dads play in the development of children.