Prophecy News Watch - June 24, 2019

Around the World
Russian Scientist Joins He Jiankui in Gene Editing Embryos
A Russian scientist will move ahead with gene editing babies, following in the footsteps of a Chinese scientist who attracted widespread condemnation in the scientific community for doing so in November 2018.
U.S. cyberattack strikes Iran's military computers
The U.S. launched a sweeping cyberattack against the Iranian military last week in direct response to Iran’s downing of an American surveillance drone, U.S. officials told the Associated Press over the weekend, confirming that President Trump personally approved the retaliatory measures.
U.S. warns Iran not to 'mistake restraint for a lack of resolve,' military strike still an option
Top White House officials on Sunday warned that Iran should not mistake U.S. discretion for weakness after President Trump called off airstrikes last week in retaliation for Tehran’s downing of an American drone, and officials confirmed over the weekend that the Pentagon already struck back with cyberattacks on Iranian military systems.
Iranian hackers step up cyber efforts, impersonate email from president’s office
Iran has increased its offensive cyberattacks against the US government and critical infrastructure as tensions have grown between the two nations, cybersecurity firms say.
Trump says US to hit Iran with ‘major’ new sanctions Monday
US President Donald Trump said Saturday that the United States would impose 'major' new sanctions on Iran in two days — a move sure to exacerbate tensions with the Islamic republic inflamed by the downing of a US spy plane.
Blow to Turkey's Erdogan as opposition wins big in Istanbul
Turkey's main opposition claimed a decisive victory on Sunday in Istanbul's re-run election, dealing one of the biggest blows to President Tayyip Erdogan during his 16 years in power and promising a new beginning in the country's largest city.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
White House finally unveils ‘Peace to Prosperity’ economic plan for Palestinians
ays before the US-sponsored Bahrain conference, the White House released its proposal to boost the Palestinian economy by offering a $50 billion aid package that can only be implemented through an Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement.
Arab League renews pledge to give Palestinians $100 million in monthly aid
The Arab League Sunday reaffirmed a pledge to pay $100 million a month to the Palestinian Authority, a day after Washington unveiled its Middle East peace plan.
IDF said to increase alert amid Iran tensions
The IDF has reportedly stepped up its alert status amid concerns that Iran could try and harm Israel as tensions between Tehran and Washington spiral, Channel 12 reported Sunday.

Inside the United States
2020 Democrats defend abortion rights at Planned Parenthood forum
Twenty Democratic presidential candidates attending a Planned Parenthood forum on Saturday vowed to defend abortion rights under nearly any circumstance while largely ignoring nuances around the issue that have already roiled their party heading into the 2020 election.
Rhode Island governor signs late-term abortion bill minutes after passage
A Rhode Island late-term abortion bill appeared to be finished after legislators voted it down last month in committee, but it turns out the Reproductive Privacy Act wasn’t going anywhere.
Evangelicals go all in for Trump reelection
Faith leaders and anti-abortion groups are ramping up their efforts to reelect President Trump, rewarding a president who has become an unlikely hero of the Christian right because of his commitment to socially conservative causes.
Wisconsin School Board Member Censured for Mentioning Jesus
A Wisconsin school board member is under fire from the Madison-based Freedom From Religion Foundation, which has filed a complaint for his mention of Jesus at Appleton North High School’s graduation ceremony on June 6th.

Christian News
Trump May Have Accidentally Imposed 'Bible Tax' Through Sanctions On China, Say Christian Publishers
Representatives for major American Bible publishers met with the U.S. International Trade Commission on Tuesday and Wednesday, hoping to apprise the Trump administration of potential effects on Bible manufacture in the US-China trade war.
Alabama megachurch could soon have its own police force
An Alabama megachurch is slated to have its own police force by the fall after Republican Gov. Kay Ivey signed a bill into a law that allows it to do just that.