Prophecy News Watch - July 5, 2019

Around the World
HIV completely removed from mice in groundbreaking study
Mice infected with HIV ended up virus-free after US researchers were able to remove it from their cells for the first time, according to a study published in the journal Nature Communications this week.
Pope Francis and Putin meet at Vatican, discuss Syria, Ukraine
A day before he is scheduled to meet with Ukranian Catholic leaders, Pope Francis welcomed Russian President Vladimir Putin Thursday, speaking with him for just under an hour about a variety of issues.
'Worryingly high' number of people infected with latent form of drug resistant TB
More than 19 million people around the globe are infected with one of the most complex forms of dormant tuberculosis, threatening efforts to control the fatal disease, researchers have warned.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Netanyahu: Israel preparing for wide-scale campaign in Gaza
Israel wants to restore calm to the South, but at the same time is preparing for a wide-scale military campaign inside the Gaza Strip, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Wednesday.
Study: Over 80 Percent of Young European Jews Believe Antisemitism Is an Increasing Problem in Their Countries, Four in Ten Have Considered Emigration
A new study released Thursday indicates that among young Jewish Europeans, an overwhelming majority believe antisemitism is a problem in their countries and is getting worse, causing four in ten to consider emigration.

Inside the United States
Appeals court rejects Trump's request for border wall funding
The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals on Wednesday rejected the Trump administration's allocation of $2.5 billion from the Department of Defense to pay for construction of physical barriers along the U.S.-Mexico border.
Strongest Earthquake in 20 Years Rattles Southern California
The strongest earthquake in 20 years shook a large swath of Southern California and parts of Nevada on Thursday, rattling nerves on the July 4th holiday and causing injuries and damage in a town near the epicenter, followed by a swarm of ongoing aftershocks.

Christian News
Fort Worth Allows ‘In No God We Trust’ Banners to Fly Downtown, Says They’re Legal
A series of anti-God banners in downtown Fort Worth, Texas, is drawing criticism from citizens and even the mayor, but city officials say they have the legal right to be there.
Wycliffe Associates Using Technology to Make Bible Accessible for the World’s Unwritten Language Groups
Christians from hundreds of language groups have asked Wycliffe Associates for technology to make the Bible accessible in their unwritten languages.