Prophecy News Watch - July 2, 2019

Around the World
Trump says Iran ‘playing with fire’ after nuclear deal limit breached
US President Donald Trump warned Monday that Iran was 'playing with fire' after Tehran said it exceeded a limit on enriched uranium reserves under a 2015 nuclear deal abandoned by Washington.
Iran Breaches First Term of 2015 Nuclear Accord
Reversing promises it made to European powers on Friday to abide by the terms of the 2015 nuclear accord, Iran has exceeded its uranium stockpile limit under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), according to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) of the UN.
US threatens EU with $4 billion worth of additional tariffs
The United States could hit European Union products with $4 billion (€3.5 billion) in tariffs according to a statement on Monday.
'I've Never Seen Such Scenes': Hail Storm in Mexico Shocks Governor, Residents
On Sunday a Mexican city was deluged in hail and ice, leaving cars buried beneath 5 feet of the frozen substance and leading the state governor to exclaim he had never seen anything like it.
Trump makes history crossing into North Korea
President Trump made history by crossing the border that divides North and South Korea on Sunday.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Iran: Israel will be destroyed in 30 minutes if we are attacked
Israel will be destroyed in half an hour if the United States attacks Iran, a senior Iranian parliamentarian said on Monday, according to the semiofficial Mehr news agency.
Israeli Intelligence Chief Says Mossad Must Lead the Way in 'One-Time' Opportunity to Oust Iran
Israel’s Mossad chief is coming out saying the Middle East has a 'one-time opportunity' to eliminate Iranian aggression in the region, with the U.S., Israel, and Saudi Arabia, in addition to smaller Gulf Arab states, all aligned against the Islamic republic’s 'thuggish behavior.'
Netanyahu: Iran’s breach of uranium cap marks ‘significant step’ toward nuke
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accused Iran of taking a 'significant step' toward producing a nuclear weapon Monday, after Iran said it had exceeded the amount of enriched uranium it is allowed under the 2015 nuclear deal.
First artistic depiction of little known Exodus story uncovered in Galilee
Two new technicolor biblical mosaics were recently uncovered at a 1,600-year-old synagogue in the Galilean town of Huqoq, joining a growing collection of art, announced UNC-Chapel Hill’s Prof. Jodi Magness on Monday.

Inside the United States
Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Trump's DACA Challenge Beginning October
The Supreme Court will issue a ruling on the legality of Trump’s actions in trying to end the DACA program instituted under the Obama administration, slating a decision to be made during the Court’s next session between October and June of next year.
Supreme Court Bends to 1992 Abortion Precedent in Denying Alabama Suit to Ban Dismemberment Abortions
The Supreme Court struck down an attempt by Alabama to reinstitute a 2016 law banning second-trimester abortions, citing the 'undue burden' precedent from 1992’s Planned Parenthood v. Casey decision.
US breaks record for longest economic expansion
The U.S. broke its record for time without an economic recession Monday as it began the 121st consecutive month of gross domestic product (GDP) growth since the 2008 recession.