Prophecy News Watch - August 31, 2022

Around the World
Millions hit by ‘monsoon on steroids’ as Pakistan suffers ‘worst flooding in its history’
The devastating floods in Pakistan are "probably the worst in the country's history", according to its prime minister, as the UN appeals for $160m (£136m) in emergency funding to help the nation.
Iran tries, fails to seize U.S. vessel in Persian Gulf in latest confrontation between two nations
U.S. forces late Monday night foiled an Iranian attempt to capture an uncrewed American vessel sailing the Persian Gulf, Pentagon officials said.
Last Soviet Leader Gorbachev Dies Leaving World In Turmoil (Worthy News In-Depth)
Mikhail S. Gorbachev, the last Soviet Union leader who helped end the Cold War but saw his reforms crumble at the end of his life, has died at the age of 91.
Russian Shelling Kills 5 In Kharkiv Amid Ukraine Offensive
Russian shelling reportedly killed at least five people in Ukraine’s second-largest city, Kharkiv, after a Moscow-installed leader fled a region where Ukrainian troops launched a counter-offensive.
Dutch PM Ashamed About Deadly Treatment of Refugees
Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte says he is ashamed about the treatment of asylum seekers in the Netherlands after a baby and a man died in an overcrowded migrant center while hundreds slept rough outside.
Russia To Expand Hungary’s Only Nuclear Plant
Hungary has permitted Russia’s nuclear power giant Rosatom to construct two new nuclear reactors, despite European concerns about the deal.
Russia announces joint military drills with China
Russia’s Defense Ministry announced Monday that it will be carrying out military drills with China between September 1-7, the Associated Press reports. The Ministry specified that the exercise is “purely defensive.”
Iran, Russia To Dominate World’s Gas Prices
Iran and Russia have agreed on a deal that would enable the two countries to dominate the world market for natural gas and set the prices.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
German Jewish Leader Warns of Potential ‘Antisemitic Scandal’ at World Council of Churches Assembly
As the World Council of Churches prepares for the opening of its General Assembly in the German city of Karlsruhe on Wednesday, a local Jewish leader has warned of the risk of antisemitic rhetoric at the event as delegates debate resolutions that are harshly critical of Israel.

Inside the United States
California Passes Bill To Punish Doctors Who Spread COVID ‘Misinformation’
California passed a bill Monday to punish doctors accused of spreading COVID-19 “misinformation” and “disinformation.”
Michigan: Christian healthcare group files legal challenge against transgender treatment rules
A Christian non-profit healthcare organization in Michigan filed a federal lawsuit Monday to block new state regulations that would require its staff to violate their beliefs by providing “transition” treatment to patients identifying as transgender, the Washington Times reports.
Top-level FBI agent under fire for role in Hunter Biden investigation resigns
Timothy Thibault, a top-level FBI agent who had been under fire for his role in investigations regarding President Biden's son, Hunter Biden, resigned late last week and was walked out of the FBI, two U.S. officials confirmed. But these officials also said that Thibault had reached retirement age, and they added that all of those who retire hand over their badge and gun and are escorted out of the building.

Christian News
Nigeria: Christian woman murdered while cleaning her church
The slaughter of Christians in Nigeria’s Plateau state by suspected Fulani Islamic extremists continues unabated, and on August 27, a Christian woman was shot in the head and killed as she cleaned her church building, Morning Star News (MSN) reports.
Somalia: Christians vulnerable as death toll reaches 21 in al-Shabaab attack
Somali Christians remain vulnerable to jihadist violence, as twenty-one people have now died following an attack on August 19 by the al-Shabaab Islamic terror group in Mogadishu, Somalia, International Christian Concern (ICC) reports. Linked to al-Qaeda, al Shabaab has been conducting Islamic jihad in Somalia and Kenya, targeting Christians as well as terrorizing the civilian population generally.

Worthy Watch
Biden Outlines Democratic Reforms If Democrats Win Midterms
We'll codify Roe v. Wade. We'll ban assault weapons, Biden exclaimed. And finally, "And make sure no one ever has the opportunity to steal an election again."