Prophecy News Watch - August 29, 2019

Around the World
U.S. Sanctions Two Networks 'Supporting Iran's WMD Program'
The United States has imposed sanctions on two networks it says are engaged in 'covert procurement activities' benefiting Iranian military organizations and supporting Iran's 'missile proliferation programs,' the Treasury Department has said.
US cyber attack said to have disabled Iran’s ability to target oil tankers
The United States attacked and disabled a critical Iranian database used to target oil tankers in the Persian Gulf, the New York Times reported Wednesday, citing several US security officials.
China rotates new batch of troops into Hong Kong
China's military has rotated a new batch of troops into Hong Kong describing the move as routine, state media said on Thursday, as protests against Beijing continue to rock the Asian financial hub.
Final Touches Being Put on Deal As Taliban Reviews Proposal On U.S. Withdrawal
As U.S. and Taliban officials look to apparently seal a historic deal to end the 18-year Afghan conflict, leaders of the extremist militant group are reviewing the proposed agreement at an undisclosed location along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border.
EU insists Iran nuclear deal must be part of any future pact
The European Union’s top diplomat says the Iran nuclear agreement must not be sacrificed as part of any U.S. moves to build a new and broader security deal with Tehran.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Trump envoy says peace plan won’t be released before Israeli elections
American special envoy Jason Greenblatt on Wednesday said the White House will not be revealing its peace plan before Israel’s September 17 elections, days after US President Donald Trump said it was possible the proposal would be released beforehand.
IDF strikes Hamas targets in Gaza over rocket fire on Israel
The Israel Defense Forces said on Wednesday evening that it hit a Hamas target in Gaza less than an hour after a rocket fired from the coastal enclave failed to land in southern Israel.
Israel, US pushing to bolster UN peacekeepers in Lebanon
Israel and the United States are pushing for the United Nations to increase the scope of action for peacekeepers in Lebanon, saying they are being rendered practically useless by the Hezbollah terror group, as the world body meets to extend the mandate of the mission.
Hezbollah Says ‘Calculated Strike’ Against Israel ‘Being Arranged in a Way Which Wouldn’t Lead to a War’
Hezbollah is planning retaliation against Israel for two drones that targeted its media offices and missile development program Sunday.

Inside the United States
US Space Command Launches Thursday
The United States Space Command officially launches on Thursday with a White House ceremony hosted by President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence.
Court renews battle over buffer zone around Englewood abortion clinic
A federal lawsuit filed to challenge a buffer zone around an Englewood abortion clinic was sent back to a lower court on Monday.
Is China's 'social credit' surveillance system coming to America?
China's "social credit" system, a high-tech operation that tracks and assigns points in relation to the daily activities and behavior choices of its citizens, is being developed in Silicon Valley.

Christian News
Churches in Northern Ireland attacked almost every other day
Two decades after a landmark agreement eased sectarian and political tensions in Northern Ireland, a report finds churches and other places of worship are subject to frequent attacks.
Kurdish bookseller sentenced to three months in prison for selling Bible
The Iranian Guardian Council has sentenced Kurdish Bookseller Mostafa Rahimi to three months in prison on charges of selling copies of the Bible in his bookstore, according to the Hengaw Organization for Human Rights.