Prophecy News Watch - August 26, 2019

Around the World
China announces it seeks 'calm' end to trade war, as markets tank and currency hits 11-year flatline
China signaled on Monday it was now seeking a 'calm' end to its ongoing trade war with the U.S., as Asian markets crumbled and China's currency plummeted to an 11-year low following the latest tariffs on $550 billion in Chinese goods announced last Friday by the Trump administration.
Russia floating nuclear power station sets sail across Arctic
Russia has launched a pioneering floating nuclear power station, which will sail 5,000km (3,000 miles) from the Arctic port of Murmansk to Chukotka in the far east.
Trump dangles 'very big' trade deal in front of Brexit Britain
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Sunday said he and President Donald Trump were 'gung-ho' about a post-Brexit trade deal but cautioned the United States would be tough negotiators and that he would not rush talks.
N. Korea says it tested new super-large multiple rocket launcher
North Korea said Sunday that it successfully tested a 'new' super-large multiple rocket launch system the previous day under the guidance of leader Kim Jong-un.
Trump says US and Japan have agreed 'in principle' to trade deal
President Trump on Sunday said that a trade deal with Japan has been reached 'in principle.'
Britain sends another warship to Gulf amid heightened tensions in region
A third British warship is heading to the Gulf, the Royal Navy announced Saturday, amid heightened tensions in the region.
From Persian Gulf to Israel, a drone war takes flight in Mideast
From the vast deserts of Saudi Arabia to the crowded neighborhoods of Beirut, a drone war has taken flight across the wider Middle East, raising the stakes in the ongoing tensions between the US and Iran.
Top Iranian general warns Israel that strikes will bring end to ‘Zionist regime’
A top Iranian general, blamed by Israel for masterminding a preempted bid to launch drone attacks from Syria, warned Israel on Sunday that its strikes against Iran would not be tolerated much longer.
Million hectares lost in Bolivia fires as Amazon continues to burn
Fires have ripped through at least a million hectares - approximately 3,800 square miles - in Bolivia.
Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates Vow to Back Yemen War Effort
Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates pledged Monday to keep their floundering coalition war against Yemen’s Houthi rebels together after an Emirati troop pullout and the rise of the southern separatists they supported.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Hezbollah chief threatens Israel with reprisal: ‘Wait for us at the border’
Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah on Sunday threatened Israel with a reprisal attack after two of its members were killed in an Israeli strike in Syria, and two UAVs crashed in and around the terror group’s Beirut offices in an incident also blamed on the Jewish state.
Hezbollah vows 'appropriate' response after drone incident in Beirut
Hezbollah will retaliate to an alleged overnight Israeli provocation in Beirut by Sunday afternoon, sources close to the Shiite terrorist group told the Lebanese media hours after the incident, but the threat was later walked back by Hezbollah.
3 rockets fired at Israel from Gaza as tensions soar; Iron Dome intercepts 2
Terrorists in the Gaza Strip fired three rockets at southern Israel on Sunday night, sending thousands of residents rushing to bomb shelters.
Israel Thwarts "Killer Drone" Attack
Israeli aircraft on Saturday night struck Iranian forces near Damascus that had been planning to launch 'killer drones' at targets in Israel, the IDF said in a statement.
Pompeo speaks with Netanyahu on Iran, backs Israel’s preemptive raid
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo about Israel’s latest strikes in Syria, the top US diplomat’s office said on Sunday.
IAF drones strike PFLP position in Lebanon, near Syrian border - report
Israeli Air Force drones attacked a Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) position in Qousaya, located in the Beqaa Valley of Lebanon, close to the border with Syria on Sunday night, according to Lebanese media reports.
IDF strikes office of high-profile Hamas commander in response to Gaza rockets
Israeli military said Monday they’ve struck two Hamas positions in the Gaza Strip, including an office belonging to a high-profile military commander in the terror group’s military wing, in response to rockets being fired at southern Israel during a mass event.

Inside the United States
Antibiotic-resistant Salmonella strain confirmed as 'superbugs' continue to worry experts
A strain of Salmonella Newport in some beef in the United States and in some soft cheeses in Mexico has been found to be resistant to antibiotic treatment, according to a release from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published Friday.
Trump says US businesses are 'ordered' to find alternatives to China trade
President Trump on Friday directed all U.S. businesses to immediately find alternative sources for any goods they were importing from China. The comments came in response to China's announcement earlier in the day that it was enacting additional tariffs on $75 billion worth of U.S. goods.
U.S. abortion rights groups fight new Missouri law in court
Opponents of a new law in Missouri restricting most abortions after eight weeks of pregnancy will ask a federal judge on Monday to stop the law from taking effect this week.