Prophecy News Watch - August 25, 2022

Around the World
Against the odds, Biden inches closer to nuclear deal with Iran
The Biden administration on Wednesday inched closer to restarting a controversial nuclear deal with Iran, brushing aside stark warnings from key American ally Israel and sidestepping mounting evidence that Tehran and its proxies have not moderated their behavior on other fronts and remain intent on targeting U.S. troops, officials, allies and interests.
15 Killed As Russia Fires Rockets In Ukraine On Independence Day
Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky said Wednesday that at least 15 people were killed and dozens wounded in a Russian rocket strike on a Ukrainian railway station as his nation marked the 31st anniversary of its independence from the Moscow-ruled Soviet Union.
Biden Pledges Nearly $3 Billion To Ukraine In Largest U.S. Military Aid Package Yet
U.S. President Joe Biden has announced nearly $3 billion in new U.S. military aid for Kyiv as Ukraine marked its independence day six months after Russia invaded the country.
US carries out airstrikes on Iran-backed forces in Syria
The US military on Tuesday carried out a series of airstrikes on Iran-backed forces in Syria, emphasizing these were conducted solely to protect American troops in the region and not to escalate tensions, the Washington Examiner reports.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Israeli warplanes entered Iranian airspace undetected
Israeli fighter planes have entered Iran’s airspace multiple times in recent months without being detected by either Iranian or Russian radar, the Jerusalem Post reports. The news that Israeli Air Force F-35 stealth planes had penetrated Iranian airspace in the last two months was reported by the Saudi media outlet Elaph.

Inside the United States
Unredacted memo reveals why DOJ didn’t prosecute Trump
An unredacted, internal Department of Justice memo shows the rationale of its leadership in deciding not to prosecute then-President Donald Trump on obstruction of justice charges following the Mueller report's publication.
Court orders Kenosha to follow Wisconsin Supreme Court ruling banning absentee ballot drop boxes
The Kenosha County Circuit Court ordered that the city of Kenosha, Wis., stop using unmanned absentee ballot drop boxes following the Wisconsin Supreme Court's decision that the boxes are illegal.
Biden announces cancellation of student debt
President Biden responded to pressure from progressives on Wednesday by canceling $10,000 in student debt for borrowers who earn less than $125,000 per year and $20,000 in debt for those who received Pell Grants.

Christian News
Church in Afghanistan is growing amid harsh conditions
The house church movement in Afghanistan is slowly growing, despite a surrounding environment of brutal tribalism and Islamic extremist violence that forces evangelism and worship to be carried out in secret, Voice of the Martyrs (VOM) reports.
China: House churches raided, leaders taken away
Chinese authorities raided four house churches this month, taking their leaders away for questioning on false allegations, International Christian Concern (ICC) reports.
Nigeria: Secular High Court upholds death penalty for blasphemy
In a move that has caused severe consternation among rights groups, the secular High Court in Nigeria’s Kano state has upheld a recent death sentence given by a Sharia court to a man accused of blasphemy, International Christian Concern (ICC) reports. Controversially, Kano is one of 12 northern Nigerian states whose legal system operates under both the secular Nigerian penal code and the Islamic Sharia law.
Young Children Of Late Deacon Killed In Sudan
Sudanese Christians are mourning after suspected Muslim militants killed the three young children of a deceased Catholic Church deacon in Sudan’s Central Darfur region, Worthy News established late Tuesday.
DRC: 17 Christians murdered by Islamic State-affiliated terrorists
Seventeen Christians were murdered in the Democratic Republic of Congo in a spate of recent targeted attacks by Islamic terrorists, Christian Today reports. Although Christians make up 95% of the population in DRC, the rebel Islamic State-affiliated Alliance for Democratic Forces (ADF) carries out brutal attacks on believers.
Pakistan: Couple escape to Europe after years on death row for blasphemy
A couple who spent seven years on death row in Pakistan for alleged blasphemy have been helped to escape the threat of further Islamic extremist violence and have found refuge in Europe, Christian Today (CT) reports.