Prophecy News Watch - August 19, 2019

Around the World
Russia says no plans to install new missiles unless U.S. deploys them
Russia will not deploy new missiles as long as the United States shows similar restraint in Europe and Asia, Russian defense minister Sergei Shoigu said on Sunday, after Washington’s withdrawal from a Soviet-era arms pact.
With Recent Terror Attacks, IS Expands Presence in Mozambique
Last week, militants affiliated with the Islamic State (IS) terror group stormed into a Christian village in northern Mozambique, burning houses and forcing residents to flee their homes, local reports said.
Trump warns China against Hong Kong crackdown, saying it would make trade deal unlikely
President Trump on Sunday linked a potential trade deal with China to how Beijing handles the pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong, saying it would be hard to sign a pact if President Xi Jinping orders a crackdown.
Hong Kong readies for more mass protests after huge, peaceful rally
Hong Kong is gearing up for more protests this week after hundreds of thousands of anti-government demonstrators braved heavy rain to rally peacefully on Sunday, marking a change to what have often been violent clashes.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Hezbollah and Iran taking over southern Syria
One year after the Syrian government and its allies took over southern Syria, there has been increased infiltration of the area by Iranian-supported militias along the border with Israel, an area of great geopolitical importance.
Trump confirms peace plan to be released after Israeli elections
US President Donald Trump on Sunday confirmed that his administration would likely release its long-delayed peace plan after Israel’s elections in September.
IDF strikes Hamas targets in Gaza in response to earlier rocket attack
The Israel Defense Forces attacked Hamas targets in Gaza overnight Friday-Saturday in response to a rocket that was fired by Palestinian terror groups into Israel earlier Friday, the army said in a statement.
Netanyahu: I won't hold back from broad Gaza operation, even during elections
Israel will embark on a wide-scale campaign in the Gaza Strip regardless of the current election campaign, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday at Ben-Gurion Airport on his way to Ukraine for a two-day trip.

Inside the United States
Trump has no plans to replace Pence on ticket
President Trump said Sunday that he’s happy with Vice President Mike Pence as his running mate in 2020, but he’s not pleased with polling by Fox News lately.
Trump Considers Labeling Antifa a Terrorist Group, Portland Police Confront 'Civil Disturbance' in Far-Right Far-Left Faceoff
More than a dozen people were arrested during Saturday’s demonstrations where far-right groups planned protests against far-left extremist groups.

Christian News
Muslim Herders in Nigeria ‘Collaborate With the Al-Shabab' Extremist Group, According To Christian Farmers
A Christian farmer in Nigeria was intimidated by Muslim herdsmen and his crops used for grazing in July, as the herder-farmer conflict in that country takes on a spiritual dimension.
Pastor: Believers in India ‘Have Nothing More To Do Except To Go To God In Prayer’
The oxygen is thinning for religious freedom in India following the reelection of the Bharatiya Janata Party in May, with six attacks on Christians recorded in Telangana State alone in July.
Christian Women in Cameroon Suffer ‘New Kind of Atrocity’ from Boko Haram, Says Open Doors
Eight Christian women abducted by Boko Haram in Cameroon are receiving medical treatment, but not all have yet been released by their captors, according to Open Doors UK.
’Finding a Job, and Rejecting Sex, Is a Constant’: Iranian Christian Woman Challenges Culture of Sex Slavery in Tehran
Single mothers in Iran are embracing Christianity as a way out of sex slavery.
In Wake of Mass Shootings, Churches Arm and Train Congregants
Acrid gun smoke clouded the sunny entrance of a Texas church on a recent Sunday. Seven men wearing heavy vests and carrying pistols loaded with blanks ran toward the sound of the shots, stopping at the end of a long hallway. As one peeked into the foyer, the 'bad guy' raised the muzzle of an AR-15, took aim and squeezed the trigger.