Prophecy News Watch - April 29, 2019

Around the World
Iran says leaving nuclear treaty one of many options after U.S. sanctions move
Iran said on Sunday it could quit a treaty against the spread of nuclear weapons after the United States tightens sanctions, while an Iranian general said the U.S. Navy was interacting as before with an elite military unit blacklisted by Washington.
Cyclone Kenneth: Entire villages wiped out, says UN
A powerful cyclone has 'entirely wiped out' villages in Mozambique, according to a UN official.
Iran says it made surveillance flight over US aircraft carrier in Persian Gulf
Iran’s powerful Revolutionary Guards have successfully managed a surveillance flight over a US aircraft carrier, the nation’s semi-official Tasnim news agency reported Saturday.
US to donate additional $500K to restore tomb of biblical prophet Nahum in Iraq
The United States announced Friday that it would contribute an additional $500,000 to help restore the tomb believed to be the resting place of the biblical prophet Nahum in the town of Alqosh in northern Iraq.
Heavy rains cause massive flooding in cyclone-hit Mozambique
Heavy rainfall caused flooding in northern Mozambique on Sunday, just three days after Cyclone Kenneth killed at least eight people and damaged thousands of houses in the southeast African country.
Trump is ‘a threat to our world order’
Donald Trump has been branded a 'threat to our world order' and unworthy of a state visit, after he moved to pull the United States from the international Arms Trade Treaty.
IMF: Iran Inflation Could Reach 40 Percent Amid Sanctions
Iran's economy is expected to shrink by six percent this year and inflation could reach 40 percent, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) forecasts, as the country copes with the impact of tighter U.S. sanctions.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
NYT: ‘Error of Judgment’ to Publish Anti-Semitic Cartoon Featuring Netanyahu as Guide Dog for Trump
The New York Times announced Saturday it was deleting an anti-Semitic cartoon from its international edition featuring Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as a guide dog leading a blind Donald Trump.
Netanyahu, Kahlon reportedly plan for possible financial collapse of PA
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon have reportedly discussed emergency plans, should the Palestinian Authority’s financial system collapse over its refusal to accept tax dividends collected by Israel, according to television reports Sunday.

Inside the United States
Economy grew at 3.2% in first quarter, beating expectations
The economy grew at a 3.2% annual rate in the first quarter, the Bureau of Economic Analysis reported Friday morning, easily beating forecasters' expectations.
Trump Says U.S. Withdrawing From Treaty Regulating Conventional Weapons
U.S. President Donald Trump said he would withdraw U.S. backing for a treaty that sought to regulate the global trade in small arms and other conventional weaponry.
Kansas Supreme Court Strikes Down Ban on 'Gruesome' Dismemberment Abortions
The Kansas Supreme Court ruled Friday blocking a 2015 ban on dismemberment abortions.
Satanic Temple sues Minnesota city over proposed monument
The Massachusetts-based Satanic Temple is suing a Minnesota city for withdrawing permission for a satanic monument two years ago, when local government officials got tangled in a debate over religious symbols in public places.

Christian News
Christian conservatives are as empathetic as liberals, analysis finds
New analysis of research is challenging common stereotypes about politically conservative religious people, who, though thought to be religious and 'cold-blooded,' report being as empathetic as political 'bleeding-heart' liberals when surveyed.