Prophecy News Watch - April 26, 2019

Around the World
America Outstripped by China and Russia in Hypersonic Weapons Race
The U.S. is lagging behind China in its development of hypersonic weapons technologies, according to senior Pentagon officials.
Saudi Government Claims ‘Terror’ in Slew of Executions Condemned by Rights Groups
37 people in Saudi Arabia were executed Tuesday on terrorism-related charges, according to the Saudi Press Agency, during which ceremony the body of a dead man was later crucified.
Earth's Magnetic North Pole Is Shifting, Prompting Fears of a Coming Global Chaos
he Earth's north magnetic pole has been moving from its old location in Northern Canada towards Siberia. And there is a growing concern among scientists that the weakening of the Earth's magnetic field could someday cause its north and south poles to flip. And that could lead to global chaos.
Cyclone Kenneth: Mozambique could face 'catastrophic flooding' as new storm makes landfall
Six weeks after a tropical storm left hundreds dead in Mozambique, another potentially destructive cyclone has made landfall.
China Plastic Waste Ban Throws Global Recycling into Chaos
From grubby packaging engulfing small Southeast Asian communities to waste piling up in plants from the US to Australia, China's ban on accepting the world's used plastic has plunged global recycling into turmoil.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Israel Air Force opens second F-35 squadron
The Israeli Air Force opened a second squadron of F-35 stealth fighter jets, The Jerusalem Post learned on Thursday.
Major Archaeological Discovery Puts Biblical Excavators at Odds with Israeli Highway Construction
A major archaeological discovery in Israel raised the question of how to preserve the past without stopping progress towards the future when a modern highway and an ancient town came to a crossroads.

Inside the United States
Trump: Russia investigations an attempted 'coup'
President Donald Trump on Thursday called the FBI probe into his 2016 campaign and subsequent investigations into Russian election meddling 'an attempted overthrow' of his administration.
CA Supreme Court Halts Abortion Case About Baby Body Parts Trafficking by Planned Parenthood
California's Supreme Court has halted an abortion case surrounding the trafficking of baby body parts by Planned Parenthood employees, granting pro-life activist David Daleiden an unexpected victory.
Half of Americans Say Evangelicals Are Discriminated Against
Though evangelical Protestants remain the largest faith group in the country, as clashes over their beliefs turn up in the public square, half the country has come to believe evangelicals face discrimination in the US.
Half of Americans want religion to play a more important role in the US
ore people globally  — including a majority in the United States — say that they desire to see religion play a more important role in their country, new polling data from the Pew Research Center shows.

Christian News
As Warning Emerges of New Sri Lanka Church Attacks, Global Christian Persecution Still 'Obscured'
Sri Lankan Christians fear more attacks are coming as the nation is still in mourning over the horrific bombings on Easter Sunday.
Over half of Protestant churchgoers failed to share the Gospel in the last 6 months: LifeWay
More than fifty percent of Protestant church attendees have admitted to not engaging in evangelism in the past half a year, according to a recently released report by LifeWay Research.
Nepal arrests 4 Christians over 'false' conversion allegation; US citizen deported
Four Christians have been arrested in Nepal, including a United States citizen, months after a controversial law criminalizing religious conversion went into effect in the Asian nation.