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Around the World
Ukraine Discovers ‘Tortured Bodies’ In Recaptured Territories
Ukrainian authorities say they are finding bodies of civilians that show signs of torture left behind by Russian troops in the recently recaptured territories of Kharkiv.
Queen Coffin Taken Amid Funeral Controversy In Britain
The coffin of Britain’s late Queen Elizabeth II coffin has been taken from the Palace of Holyroodhouse to St Giles' Cathedral in Edinburg, Scotland, amid controversy over her upcoming funeral.
Iran Unveils Drone Designed For ‘Attacking Haifa, Tel Aviv’
Iranian military leaders unveiled a new line of attack drones that they say were built with "unique capabilities that were considered specifically for targeting Haifa and Tel Aviv," two of Israel’s largest cities.
German Chancellor urges Iran to sign new Iran deal
German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, on September 12, urged Iran to accept the proposals of a revived nuclear deal being offered by Germany, France, and Britain, saying there is “no reason” for the Iranian regime to refuse them, Radio Free Europe (RFE) reports. The three world powers told Iran on September 10 that the final texts of a deal are ready for signature, but Tehran is dragging its heels.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Mossad head: Nuclear deal won’t give Iran ‘immunity’ from Israeli operations
Mossad chief David Barnea on Monday said Israel would not participate in the “charade” of a renewed nuclear deal between world powers and Iran, and warn that the emerging agreement would “not provide immunity” for Tehran from the spy agency’s operations.
Israel’s Defense Minister Discloses 10 Iranian Missile Production Bases in Syria
Iran has turned scientific facilities in Syria into bases for the production of advanced missiles and weapons for its proxy forces across the Middle East, Israel’s Defense Minister Benny Gantz said on Monday.
Europe: Iran’s stance on IAEA probe jeopardizes nuclear deal
France, Britain, and Germany on Saturday vented their frustration at Iran's demand in talks to revive its 2015 nuclear deal that the UN nuclear watchdog close a probe into uranium particles found at three sites, adding that it was jeopardizing the talks.

Inside the United States
Faculty, students sue Christian school over LGBTQ hiring ban
Divisions over LGBTQ-related policies have flared recently at several religious colleges in the United States. On Monday, there was a dramatic new turn at one of the most rancorous battlegrounds – Seattle Pacific University.
DOJ open to one of Trump’s special master candidates
The Department of Justice has signaled its openness to three of former President Donald Trump's choices to be a special master in the ongoing case involving his handling of classified materials.
400-Plus Republican Officials Sign Letter Backing Gay Marriage
More than 400 former and current GOP officials have signed a letter backing the Respect for Marriage Act, legislation that would repeal the federal Defense of Marriage Act and legally recognize gay marriage as valid under state law. The Supreme Court already ruled (in 2015) that same-sex marriage is legal and this bill would essentially codify that ruling into federal law.

Christian News
Libya Court Sentences Christian To Death
Libyan Christians urged prayers Monday after a former Muslim who converted to Christianity was sentenced to death by an appeals court in western Libya, sources familiar with the case said.
Indonesia: Authorities deny church building permit in ‘unconstitutional’ move against religious freedom
Authorities in Indonesia’s province of Banten have denied the Protestant Batak Society Christian Church (HKBP) a permit to build a church, in a move described as going against the country’s 1945 constitution guaranteeing religious freedom, the Union of Catholic Asian News (UCA) reports.
Uganda: 5 evangelist-church planters murdered by Islamic extremists
Islamic extremists in Uganda murdered five evangelists from the End Time Word Ministry church last month by throwing them off the commercial transport boat they were preaching the Gospel and traveling to plant a church, Morning Star News reports. Christianity is legal in Uganda, but Muslim extremists have carried out increasing violent attacks against believers, whom they consider a threat to Islam.
Around the World
‘Nuclear deal will be delayed at least until after US midterm elections’
The prospects of restoring the nuclear agreement between the United States and Iran are drifting away, an official told Israel Hayom Friday, citing Tehran's response to Washington's latest proposal and internal political processes in the US.
Charles III Declared King; Britain’s Queen Buried On Sep. 19
Queen Elizabeth II will be buried on September 19, the Royal Family announced, shortly after Charles III was publicly declared the new monarch.
Tsunami Warning After Powerful Earthquake Hits Papua New Guinea
A tsunami warning was issued Sunday after a 7.6 magnitude earthquake in eastern Papua New Guinea killed at least five people prompting missionaries to rescue injured survivors, authorities said.
Europe’s Largest Nuclear Power Plant Shuts Down Amid Shelling
Authorities say Europe’s largest nuclear power plant in wartorn Ukraine has been shut down, and residents around the station are urged to evacuate amid heavy fighting between Ukrainian and Russian forces. The operations were halted as western intelligence suggests that Ukraine’s counter-offensive in response to the Russian invasion inflicted an extraordinary defeat on Moscow.
Kyiv: ‘Ukraine Forces Recapture Key Area From Russia’
Moscow began withdrawing troops in some areas of eastern Ukraine Sunday while Ukrainian forces entered the key town of Kupiansk as their rapid Ukrainian counter-attack made further gains, officials said.
Britain’s New King Charles III Meeting Crowds
Britain’s new King Charles III has met crowds outside Buckingham Palace as the nation plunged into mourning after the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, at age 96.
Detained Suspect In Canada‘s Mass Stabbing Dies
Police in Canada detained the final suspect in a mass stabbing that left 10 people dead and 18 others injured, but he died of self-inflicted wounds, officials said.
Russia Threatens To Halt Grain Amid Drills With China
Russian President Vladimir Putin has made clear he could impose a new naval blockade in the Black Sea, halting grain exports after he oversaw military drills with China and other nations.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Over 300 ‘significant’ terror attacks foiled so far this year, Shin Bet chief says
Shin Bet chief Ronen Bar said on Sunday that his security agency has foiled more than 300 “significant” terror attacks so far this year, as the Israeli military has ramped up operations in the West Bank under its direction.
IDF intelligence report: ‘Reasonable risk’ of clash with Hezbollah in near future
An intelligence report produced by the Israel Defense Forces’ Northern command has assessed that there is a reasonable risk of an armed clash between Israel and Hezbollah in the near future, Israeli media reported on Saturday.

Inside the United States
Fauci: ‘We don’t have time to do a clinical trial’ for updated COVID-19 boosters (Video)
Dr. Anthony Fauci says there is not enough time to wait for clinical trials before the authorization of updated COVID-19 booster shots.
VP Harris Promotes Abortion at National Baptist Convention
Vice President Kamala Harris used her speech at the 142nd annual National Baptist Convention in Houston, Texas, on Thursday to push abortion rights, saying that women should have the freedom “to make decision about their own bodies.”

Christian News
Gun, ammunition purchases by credit card will be coded
The international organization responsible for creating merchant category codes for credit card purchases has given its approval to establish one for transactions made at gun stores.
Sudan Dismisses Apostasy Charges Against Christians, But Concerns Remain
The general prosecutor Sudan’s Central Darfur region has dismissed a case against four Christian men charged with apostasy that previously carried the death penalty, trial observers told Worthy News.
Church Rush To Pakistan’s Flooded Christian Slums
The evangelical Church of Christ (COC) congregation with several branches in flood-stricken Pakistan is rushing with aid to Christian slums, the church’s leader and evangelist told Worthy News on Thursday.
Mozambique Militants Kill Italian Nun And Other Christians (Worthy News In-Depth)
At least six people, most of them Christians, were beheaded, and an elderly Italian nun was shot dead by Islamic State group militants in northern Mozambique, Catholic sources and officials said Thursday.
Nigeria: Fulani murder six more Christians in ongoing slaughter
Fulani jihadi herdsmen are continuing their slaughter of Christians in Nigeria, murdering six Christians in Benue state on September 1, Morning Star News (MSN) reports. By the end of last year, Islamic extremists in Nigeria had murdered 43,000 Christians since 2009 according to International Christian Concern; that number has increased relentlessly in 2022.
Around the World
US Pledges Billions To Ukraine As Fighting Against Russia Intensifies
The United States says it will give nearly $2.7 billion in military aid and related assistance to war-torn Ukraine and more than a dozen neighbors and regional partners.
Russia Threatens To Halt Grain Amid Drills With China
Russian Vladimir Putin has made clear he could impose a new naval blockade in the Black Sea, blocking grain exports after he oversaw military drills with China and other nations.
President: ‘Ukraine Recapturing Lost Territories’
Ukraine's president said Wednesday that his forces recaptured several areas from Russia, but his remarks were overshadowed by reports that a British aid worker was tortured to death.
After a lifetime of preparation, Charles takes the throne
Prince Charles has been preparing for the crown his entire life. Now, at age 73, that moment has finally arrived.
Britain’s Queen Elizabeth Dead At 96
Queen Elizabeth II, Britain’s longest-serving monarch, has died at Balmoral Castle in Scotland, aged 96, after reigning for 70 years, the palace said.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Gas to begin flowing ‘in weeks’ from Israeli offshore gas field claimed by Lebanon
A London-listed company licensed by Israel to extract gas from a maritime field that is in part claimed by Lebanon announced Thursday that it would begin yielding output within weeks.
Covid Vaccines No Longer Needed Thanks to New Natural Israeli Antibody Treatment
A scientific breakthrough against COVID-19 has been realized by Tel Aviv University. A team of scientists from the university has demonstrated that antibodies isolated from the immune system of recovered COVID-19 patients are effective in neutralizing all known strains of the virus. This includes the Delta and the Omicron variants. This discovery may eliminate the need for repeated booster vaccinations and strengthen the immune system of populations at risk, according to the researchers.

Inside the United States
Same-Sex Marriage Agenda Could Be Lumped in with Monkeypox and Ukraine in Senate Spending Bill
Democrats and Republicans are working on a continuing resolution that would fund the government to keep it running until December.
Michigan Supreme Court puts abortion question on November ballot
Voters will determine whether to place abortion rights in the Michigan Constitution, the state Supreme Court declared Thursday, settling the issue a day before the fall ballot must be completed.
Feds reeling from new vax study, lawsuits on social media censorship and COVID stat manipulation
Public health agencies are facing perhaps the most serious threats to their control over information since the COVID-19 pandemic started, playing defense in lawsuits that have already exposed substantial federal involvement in censorship and could next uncloak alleged manipulation of data that has driven COVID policy from the start.
Oregon Bakers Return to Supreme Court Over Refusal to Bake Same-Sex Wedding Cake
Christian owners of an Oregon bakery have returned to the Supreme Court to ask the justices to hear their challenge to a lower court ruling that they discriminated against a lesbian couple.
NY Court: Christian adoption agency cannot be shut down for denying placement with same-sex, co-habiting heterosexual couples
A New York district judge ruled Tuesday that a Christian adoption agency that does not receive federal funding cannot be shut down for refusing to place children with same-sex couples and unmarried cohabitating heterosexual couples, the Christian Post (CP) reports.

Christian News
Bible is being translated into 20 Zambian languages
The Wycliffe Associates Bible translation organization has launched a major pioneering work in that it is now translating the Scriptures into 20 new languages that are native to Zambia, Africa, Christian Headlines reports.
Sinai: Coptic Christian farmers shot dead by Islamic State
A Coptic Christian farmer and his son were shot dead by Islamic State insurgents in the Sinai peninsula, Egypt, at the end of last month, Watani International reports.
Nigeria: Fulani murder six more Christians in ongoing slaughter
Fulani jihadi herdsmen are continuing their slaughter of Christians in Nigeria, murdering six Christians in Benue state on September 1, Morning Star News (MSN) reports. By the end of last year, Islamic extremists in Nigeria had murdered 43,000 Christians since 2009 according to International Christian Concern; that number has increased relentlessly in 2022.

Worthy Watch
Israel Acquires Ancient Papyrus Containing Hebrew Inscription of Biblical Name
Israel has acquired a previously unknown ancient papyrus bearing a Hebrew inscription dated to around 2,700 years ago that had long been in possession of a Montana resident, the country's antiquities authority said Wednesday.

Worthy Insights
One In Five Democrats Believe Men Can Get Pregnant: POLL
Nearly a quarter of Democrats believe men are capable of getting pregnant, according to a recent poll.