Prophecy News Watch - September 3, 2018

Around the World
Turkey calls US 'wild wolves', vows to abandon dollar in trade
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Sunday vowed Ankara would pursue non-dollar transactions in trade with Russia and other countries, accusing the US of behaving like 'wild wolves.'
US military to cancel $300m in Pakistan aid over terror groups
The US military says it is canceling $300 million in aid to Pakistan over what it calls Islamabad's failure to take action against militant groups.
Khamenei says war unlikely, but calls for boosting defense capacities
Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said on Sunday war was unlikely but called on Iran's armed forces to boost their defense capacities, according to his official website.
Powerful typhoon on course to hit western or central Japan Tuesday
A powerful typhoon was approaching Japan’s southern Pacific coast on Monday and is likely to make landfall on Tuesday afternoon in western or central Japan, with the weather agency warning of strong gusts, high waves, and heavy downpours.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Abbas: Trump offered us peace plan based on confederation with Jordan
The United States presented Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas with a peace deal based on a confederation with Jordan, the Israeli left-wing organization Peace Now reported on Sunday.
Netanyahu meets US envoy over Syria, Iran, regional stability
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met on Sunday with a US envoy for Syria for talks on the war-ravaged country and Iran, his office said.
Iran said to give Iraqi militias ballistic missiles capable of hitting Israel
Iran has given ballistic missiles to Shi’ite proxies in Iraq and is developing the capacity to build more there to deter attacks on its interests in the Middle East and to give it the means to hit regional foes, Iranian, Iraqi and Western sources said.
Corbyn calls on the UK to 'fill the gap' after U.S. ends UNRWA funding
UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn took to social media Saturday evening to call the US's decision to end its funding of UNRWA 'shameful' and called it 'a vital UN refugee agency.'

Inside the United States
With Kavanaugh on track for confirmation, Democrats regret triggering 'nuclear option'
With attempts to attack Brett M. Kavanaugh’s record failing, Democrats over the weekend mounted a last-ditch bid to derail his confirmation to the Supreme Court by claiming that the vetting process is so bad that it demands a do-over.
Bruce Ohr, FBI together attempted to flip Russian oligarchs to gather information on Trump campaign: Report
The FBI and Department of Justice partnered on a secret program aimed at flipping Russian oligarchs with potentially damaging information about the Trump campaign's alleged involvement with the Kremlin, according to a New York Times report Saturday.
As Florida's toxic red tide stretches on, residents report health problems
The tide, a wave of microorganisms that choke sea life, hit the Gulf of Mexico last November and now spreads over about 130 miles of Florida’s southwest coast. Gov. Rick Scott has issued a state of emergency for seven counties, where waterways and coastlines are filled with putrid fish floating in brass-colored water.

Christian News
Egypt: Mob attacks prevent Coptic church’s recognition for ‘security’ reasons
A Coptic community in Egypt’s Minya governorate, whose church was closed in July following protests by local Muslims, continues to be a target of mob attacks and hostility.
VP Pence on Coming Under Fire for His Faith: 'I Just Breathe a Prayer of Praise'
In an interview with CBN News, Vice President Mike Pence brushed off personal insults aimed at his Christian faith.