Prophecy News Watch - October 21, 2016

Around the World
Powerful magnitude 6.6 earthquake rocks Japan, no threat of tsunami
A powerful earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 6.6 shakes western Japan, but there is no danger of a tsunami being caused.
Super Typhoon Haima looking at direct hit on Hong Kong
After ramming the Philippines, Super Typhoon Haima is now looking to make a direct hit on Hong Kong, forecasters said Thursday.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Archaeologists find battle site where Romans breached Jerusalem walls
Israeli archaeologists found the site of a fierce battle where the Roman army bombarded and breached the walls of Jerusalem before conquering the city and destroying the Second Temple almost 2,000 years ago, officials said Thursday.
Jewish, Christian outrage grows over Temple Mount grab
Outrage is building amid Jewish and Christians groups who support Israel at the latest anti-Israel resolution to clear the United Nations' educational, scientific and cultural agency.
Christians show 'gratuitous love' in Jerusalem march
During the intermediate days of the holiday of Sukkot, thousands of Christian pilgrims join up with the annual “Jerusalem March” and wind their way through the city center to demonstrate their solidarity with Israel.

Inside the United States
Prosecutors say NSA theft the largest of top secret materials in history
Federal prosecutors said Thursday that a former contractor for the National Security Agency stole a 'breathtaking' amount of classified information over a period of 20 years -- the largest data heist the United States has ever seen.
James Dobson Calls for Pro-Life Protests in Response to CA Pro-Abortion Law
Christian leader and psychologist Dr. James Dobson is calling on Christians to protest a California law that requires pro-life centers to tell their patients about abortion.
Never has government been more involved in rigging an election
The pundits and the press largely portrayed it as a horrible mistake when Republican candidate Donald Trump declined to say if he would accept the outcome of the presidential election, which he said Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton has 'rigged.'
NSA Can Access More Phone Data Than Ever
One of the reforms designed to rein in the surveillance authorities of the National Security Agency has perhaps inadvertently solved a technical problem for the spy outfit and granted it potential access to much more data than before, a former top official told ABC News.

U.S. Politics
Final Trump-Clinton debate draws nearly 72 million viewers, third largest ever
An estimated 71.6 million people watched the final debate between White House contenders Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump on TV on Wednesday, below the audience for their first encounter but the third-largest total ever recorded.
2016 Electoral College Map Projections: Is Trump Doomed?
On its 'no toss ups' map accessed Thursday, Real Clear Politics has the Clinton campaign winning if the election were held today, with the Democratic hopeful securing 333 electoral points to Trump's 205.

Christian News
Study: Divorce Major Reason Millennials are Leaving the Church
A new study has revealed that divorce is a major reason for why many millennials have left the church.
Survey: Christian refugees facing more persecution in Germany
The refugees of Christian descent who fled persecution in places like Syria and Northern Iraq are facing different kinds of attacks in Germany.

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