Prophecy News Watch - November 22, 2017

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Single U.S. airstrike wipes out 100 terrorists in Somalia
A single American military airstrike killed at least 100 fighters allied with the Somali-based terror group al-Shabab, the Pentagon revealed Tuesday, adding to an escalating body count as the Trump administration ramps up its counterterrorism campaign in the West African nation.
Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump discuss Syria, Ukraine, North Korea in hour-plus call
US President Donald Trump described the conversation with the Kremlin chief as a 'great call' and said the two leaders spoke 'very strongly about bringing peace to Syria.'
Putin’s plan to end Syrian war strengthens Russian influence in Middle East
Russian President Vladimir Putin briefed President Trump by phone Tuesday on Moscow’s plans for ending Syria’s 6-year-old civil war, a development that likely will keep U.S. foe Bashar Assad in power in Damascus and underscores Russia’s growing influence in the Middle East.
On surprise Russia trip, Assad and Putin talk post-war Syria
On a surprise trip to Russia, Syria’s Bashar Assad discussed potential new peace initiatives for post-war Syria with Russian President Vladimir Putin who declared that Russia’s two-year military campaign in Syria is wrapping up, the Kremlin said Tuesday.
Suicide bomber kills 50 in Nigeria in mosque attack
A suicide bomber killed at least 50 people in northeastern Nigeria on Tuesday (November 21) in an attack on a mosque which bore the hallmarks of a faction of the Islamist militant group Boko Haram.
US carries out air strikes against Islamic State in Libya
The US military said on Tuesday that it had conducted two air strikes against Islamic States militants in Libya in the past few days.
US sanctions 13 Chinese and North Korean organizations
The United States on Tuesday imposed sanctions against 13 Chinese and North Korean organizations Washington accused of helping evade nuclear restrictions against Pyongyang and supporting the country through trade of commodities like coal.
Lebanon’s Saad Hariri returns to Beirut amid Saudi resignation saga
Saad Hariri returned to Lebanon late Tuesday for the first time since he stunned his country by announcing from Saudi Arabia that he was quitting as prime minister more than two weeks ago.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Netanyahu presses Putin on keeping Iran out of Syria
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke Tuesday with Russian President Vladimir Putin by phone about a ceasefire deal in the Syrian civil war and Iranian presence near Israel’s borders with the war-torn country, the Prime Minister’s Office said.
US investigator Mueller probing Kushner’s contacts with Israelis — report
US special counsel Robert Mueller’s team is investigating senior White House adviser Jared Kushner over contacts with Israeli officials, according to a Wall Street Journal report Tuesday.
Disagreements emerge between Hamas and Fatah
A second round of reconciliation talks between Fatah and Hamas, attended by representatives of other Palestinian Arab organizations, began in Cairo on Tuesday.

Inside the United States
GOP includes money for Trump’s border wall in Senate spending bill
Senate Republicans included $1.6 billion for the first installment of President Trump’s border wall in the new homeland security spending bill they released Tuesday, keeping the president’s marquee immigration promise on track.
Fusion GPS paid journalists, court papers confirm
Newly filed court documents confirm that Fusion GPS, the company mostly responsible for the controversial 'Trump dossier' on presidential candidate Donald Trump, made payments to three journalists between June 2016 until February 2017.
Second federal judge blocks Trump's transgender military ban
A federal judge in Maryland issued a second order on Tuesday blocking President Trump from implementing his ban on transgender military service.
FBI investigating Democrat US Rep. Brady over payment to challenger
The FBI has reason to believe U.S. Rep. Bob Brady unlawfully concealed a $90,000 payment made by his campaign to get an opponent to quit a 2012 primary race, according to court documents that confirm the Philadelphia Democrat is under investigation in a widening campaign finance probe.

Christian News
Five Christians Killed, Five Others Missing in Muslim Herdsmen Attacks in Nigeria
Five Christians were killed and five others are missing after attacks by Muslim Fulani herdsmen in Nigeria’s Plateau and Benue states in the past two weeks.
Is a Door Opening for Christianity in Saudi Arabia?
Stunning political developments in Saudi Arabia have some wondering if the strict Muslim-ruled Kingdom could become more tolerant of Christianity.
US tells Sudan to ‘immediately suspend’ church demolitions
The US Deputy Secretary of State has called on Sudan to 'immediately suspend' its demolition of churches and to hold a roundtable discussion with Christian leaders to resolve disputes.
Algerian church closed for ‘illegally printing Bibles and material intended for evangelism’
A church in Algeria’s north-western town of Aïn Turk (15km from Oran city) has been closed down by local authorities.

Prophecy News Watch - November 21, 2017

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ISIS Recruitment Posters Show Pope Francis Beheading, Threats Against Christmas
The pro-ISIS Wafa’ Media Foundation is distributing a propaganda poster showing a beheaded Pope Francis poster just days after releasing a video showing a masked man driving towards Vatican City’s St. Peter’s Basilica.
US declares NKorea a terror sponsor; new sanctions expected
President Donald Trump announced Monday the U.S. is putting North Korea’s 'murderous regime' on America’s terrorism blacklist, despite questions about Pyongyang’s support for international attacks beyond the assassination of its leader’s half brother in February.
Fukushima Melted Uranium Discovered 6 Years After Nuclear Disaster
More than six years after the nuclear disaster at Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi power plant, workers finally discovered the location of melted uranium fuel rods inside of one of the reactors. The rods melted during the 2011 disaster, making it near-impossible to determine where the liquefied material ended up.
Russia Admits Mysterious Radioactive Cloud Is From Nuclear Plant Pollution
A mysterious radioactive cloud hovering above Europe came from Russian nuclear plant pollution, the nation admitted Monday, according to the South China Morning Post. Russia’s meteorological service confirmed there were 'extremely high' concentrations of radioactive isotopes in the air in September.
Hezbollah to withdraw forces from Iraq, in wake of Islamic State’s defeat
The Iranian-backed terror group Hezbollah is preparing to pull its cadre of commanders and military advisers from Iraq, with the group’s leader saying Monday it had achieved its goal of defeating the Islamic State in the Middle East country.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Hamas rejects Arab League labeling of Hezbollah as ‘terrorists’
The Palestinian terror group Hamas rejected on Monday an Arab League resolution labeling Lebanon’s Hezbollah a terrorist organisation.
Lebanon under ‘total control’ of Hezbollah, Bahrain says
Saudi Arabia warned Sunday that it would not stand idly by in the face of Iranian 'aggression,' as Bahrain said the Iran-backed terrorist group Hezbollah was “in total control” of Lebanon.

Inside the United States
Hundreds of Las Vegas shooting victims file lawsuits in California court
Hundreds of victims of the Oct. 1 mass shooting in Las Vegas filed five lawsuits on Monday in a California court against the operators of the hotel from which the gunman fired, the organizers of the country music festival he targeted and the killer’s estate.
Economist: States With Lower Taxes on Business and Personal Income Have Higher Economic Growth
States with lower taxes on businesses and personal income have higher economic growth, according to an economist at the American Legislative Exchange Council.
Yellen to step down from Federal Reserve board
Janet Yellen on Monday submitted her resignation from the Federal Reserve board to US President Donald Trump, announcing that she will leave the board when her successor is sworn in as Fed chairman.

Prophecy News Watch - November 20, 2017

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German coalition talks break down, raising prospect of new election
High-stakes talks to form a new German government collapsed Sunday as the pro-business FDP party walked out, plunging Europe’s biggest economy into a political crisis and potentially precipitating the end of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s career.
Earthquakes Expected To Double In Number In 2018 As Earth's Rotation Slows
A team of scientists presented a research paper to the Geological Society of America, revealing some ground shaking information. The paper has warned that there could be a big increase in numbers of devastating earthquakes around the world next year caused by the slowing down of the Earth's rotation.
7.0 earthquake triggers tsunami warnings for New Caledonia and Vanuatu
An undersea earthquake of magnitude 7.0 struck in the South Pacific on Monday, sending small tsunami waves towards New Caledonia and Vanuatu.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Israeli minister reveals covert contacts with Saudi Arabia
An Israeli cabinet minister said on Sunday that Israel has had covert contacts with Saudi Arabia amid common concerns over Iran, a first disclosure by a senior Israeli official of such contacts.
IDF fires at Syrian army position in Golan
Israeli tank units in the Golan Heights fired a warning shot at a Syrian army position inside a no-man’s land along the Israeli-Syrian frontier Sunday evening.

Inside the United States
White House puts the cost of the opioid crisis at $504 billion in 2015
The economic cost of the opioid crisis was $504 billion in 2015 -- more than six times the most recently estimated cost of the epidemic, according to a new White House report.
Trump open to dropping healthcare provision in Senate tax bill
U.S. President Donald Trump would not insist on including repeal of an Obama-era health insurance mandate in a bill intended to enact the biggest overhaul of the tax code since the 1980s, a senior White House aide said on Sunday.
Ohio Senate Says 'No' to Abortion Based on Down Syndrome Diagnosis
The Ohio Senate passed the Down Syndrome Non-Discrimination Act this week. It prohibits abortion based solely on a doctor's diagnosis of Down Syndrome.

Christian News
ISIS Militants in Philippines Targeted Christians for Worst Abuse: Report
Dozens of Christian civilians were killed while others in the community bore the brunt of the six-month conflict on the southern Philippine island of Mindanao between the country's military and militants allied to the Islamic State group, which ended last month, according to a detailed report by Amnesty International.
Family’s Home Quickly Burns to the Ground — but the One Item Left Totally Unscathed is Giving Them Hope
A family in Rockhouse, Kentucky, lost absolutely everything during a horrific fire this week — everything aside from one prized possession: a Bible.
Methodist Church in Great Britain welcomes a new first: a transgender minister
The Methodist Church in Great Britain has its first transgender minister.

Prophecy News Watch - November 17, 2017

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Russia vetoes U.S. resolution to probe chemical attack in Syria
Russia used its U.N. Security Council veto power on Thursday to stop a U.S.-drafted resolution that would have extended an investigation into allegations that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad used chemical weapons on his own people earlier this year.
Report: Images suggest N.Korea 'aggressive' work on ballistic missile submarine
Satellite images taken this month of a North Korean naval shipyard indicate Pyongyang is pursuing an 'aggressive schedule' to build its first operational ballistic missile submarine, a US institute reported on Thursday.
U.K. Faces Hurdles on Path to a Free-Trade Era
British leaders envision a free-trade bonanza from Brexit. But they face some thorny challenges in just keeping the global trade benefits Britain already enjoys as a European Union member.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Medics: Two injured, one seriously, in West Bank car ramming; terrorist shot
A Palestinian terrorist rammed his car into two people, seriously injuring one of them, before getting shot while trying to stab soldiers in the central West Bank on Friday morning, the army said.
IDF Chief of Staff: Israel willing to share intelligence with Saudis
Gadi Eisenkot has offered to share Israeli intelligence about Iran with Saudi Arabia, in remarks published in a rare interview with a Saudi newspaper published in London.

Inside the United States
Republicans rally for a ‘comeback,’ push $1.4 trillion tax cut through House
With spines stiffened by a presidential pep talk, House Republicans easily approved a $1.4 trillion tax cut Thursday, taking the first big step toward a decades-overdue overhaul that Republicans hope will send the economy soaring and win back wavering voters.
Democratic Senator Al Franken apologizes after accusations he kissed and groped broadcaster Leeann Tweeden without her consent
Sen. Al Franken apologized to the TV host and sportscaster who accused the Minnesota Democrat of kissing and groping her without her consent – and promised to cooperate with any investigation into the 2006 incident.
Uranium One deal informant sued to recoup more than $700K lost in bribes
A FBI informant who gave the government information about a Russian bribery plot implicated in the sale of U.S. uranium rights tried unsuccessfully last year to recover upwards of $700,000 in bribes he said he was authorized to pay as part of the FBI investigation.
Democrats introduce articles of impeachment against Trump
A handful of House Democrats officially introduced Wednesday five articles of impeachment against President Trump, accusing him of everything from breaking the Constitution’s emoluments clause to being mean in his tweets about the press.
Roy Moore digs in, boosted by top Alabama Republicans
Embattled Senate candidate Roy Moore, bolstered by the support of top Alabama Republicans, dug in Thursday against calls for him to withdraw from a December special election because of multiple allegations of sexual misconduct.
Bipartisan Bill to Fix Gun Background Check System Introduced in Senate
A bipartisan group of senators introduced a bill designed to address failures in the FBI's gun background check system on Thursday.

Christian News
Muslim Posing as Christian Teacher at School in Uganda Attacks Director, Sources Say
Students at a Christian elementary school in eastern Uganda fear for their lives after a Muslim posing as a Christian teacher attacked the school director, sources said.
Christian Lawmakers Working to Keep Free Speech, Charitable Contributions in Tax Plan
In a victory for religious liberty advocates, the House voted to include a repeal of the Johnson Amendment in their tax cut bill that passed the House Thursday.
Churches, non-profits could profit politically under House tax bill
Not only would houses of worship be able to more actively promote political candidates, but so would non-profit groups under a section inserted into the House tax bill an hour before it was due for a key vote.

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