Prophecy News Watch - September 25. 2018

Around the World
Russia to supply Syria with S-300 anti-missile system
Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said on Monday that Moscow will supply an S-300 anti-missile system to Syria within two weeks, following the downing of the Ilyushin IL-20 by the Syrian forces, who tried to repel an IAF attack.
EU, Iran set financial "vehicle" to ease trade between them
Five world powers and Iran agreed late Monday to establish a financial facility in the European Union to facilitate payments for Iranian imports and exports including oil, a key move sought by Tehran following the U.S. pullout from the 2015 nuclear deal and its re-imposition of sanctions.
Soros challenges Hungary laws at European rights court
The foundation run by US billionaire George Soros said Monday that it has filed a legal challenge with the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg against Hungary's controversial 'Stop Soros' laws adopted last June.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
‘Major mistake’: Israel, US warn Russia against giving S-300 missiles to Syria
Both Jerusalem and Washington warned Russia on Monday evening against its declared intention to provide the Syrian military with advanced surface-to-air missiles within two weeks, saying the move would further destabilize the region and increase already high tensions.
Abbas said planning UN event aimed at thwarting Trump’s peace plan
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas will host a conference on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly this week to review ways to torpedo the Trump administration’s plan for Israeli-Palestinian peace, Israeli television reported Monday.
IDF strikes Gaza arson terror cell as border tensions escalate
An Israeli Air Force aircraft opened fire on a ‎Palestinian arson terrorist cell whose members were ‎gearing up to launch an incendiary device over the ‎Israel-Gaza Strip border, the IDF Spokesperson's ‎Unit said Saturday. ‎

Inside the United States
GOP opens door to holding Kavanaugh committee vote this week
Republican members of the Senate Judiciary Committee are opening the door to the panel voting on Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court nomination this week.
Rosenstein to face his fate in showdown meeting with Trump Thursday
Rod Rosenstein remains the No. 2 man at the Justice Department, but now faces a major meeting later this week with President Trump to hash out his future.
Murders, violent crimes dipped in 2017, FBI says
The number of murders and other violent crimes committed dipped slightly last year, according to new crime statistics released by the Federal Bureau of Investigation on Monday.
Florence could trigger 'record' flooding in South Carolina; thousands urged to evacuate
Florence is by no means done swamping the Carolinas, where rivers remain high above flood stage and thousands of people were told to plan to leave their homes Monday.
Kavanaugh denies sexual misconduct in Fox News exclusive: 'I know I'm telling the truth'
Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh repeatedly denied accusations of sexual misconduct that have threatened to derail his confirmation in an exclusive interview with Fox News on Monday.

Christian News
Rebel Force Attacks Churches in Burma
Ethnic Wa rebels this month shut down churches or destroyed their buildings and temporarily detained several clergymen in eastern Burma (Myanmar), sources said.
More Chinese Pastors Sign Statement Affirming Religious Freedom as US Govt Holds Hearing on Persecution
The Chinese government's efforts to tighten its controls over religious matters in the communist country continues.
Atheist Group Forces School Officials to Prohibit Prayer for Sick Child
A well-known atheist lobby group, the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF), has convinced a Michigan high school to prohibit the prayerful activities of those supporting the sick child of a local football coach.