Prophecy News Watch - October 25, 2018

Around the World
NATO launches biggest war games since end of Cold War
NATO launched its biggest exercises since the end of the Cold War on Thursday in Norway.
'Twisted' fibre optic light breakthrough could make internet 100 times faster
A new development in fibre optics could make internet speeds up to 100 times faster – by detecting light that has been twisted into a spiral.

Northern Marianas slammed by strongest US storm this year
Super Typhoon Yutu crossed over the U.S. commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands early Thursday as the equivalent of a category 5 hurricane, making it the strongest storm to hit any part of the U.S. this year, the National Weather Service said.

The Atlantic and Pacific Ocean hurricane season is most powerful on record this year
When all the hurricanes and tropical storms that have formed in the Atlantic and eastern Pacific Oceans this year are added together, the 2018 hurricane season is the most active season ever recorded, Colorado State University meteorologist Phil Klotzbach announced Tuesday.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
After rocket fire, Israeli aircraft bomb Hamas targets in Gaza Strip
Israeli aircraft bombed several targets in the Gaza Strip early Thursday, the IDF said after a single rocket was fired into Israel, ending a week-long stretch of relative calm in the Gaza Strip.
Russia said demanding more notice before Israeli strikes in Syria
Russia is demanding Israel give it more advanced notice before carrying out airstrikes on targets in Syria, Israeli television reported Wednesday, as newly published satellite photographs purported to show the deployment of four advanced Russian anti-aircraft batteries near a suspected Syrian chemical weapons site.

Inside the United States
Pipe bombs sent to Obama, Clintons, CNN and Soros believed to be linked
Crude pipe bombs targeting Hillary Clinton, former president Barack Obama, CNN and others were intercepted Tuesday night and Wednesday in a rash of attacks aimed at prominent Democrats and a cable news network often criticized by political conservatives.
Trump promises thorough investigation into suspicious packages
U.S. President Donald Trump said on Wednesday that threats of political violence have no place in the United States, promising a full investigation into suspicious packages that were mailed to prominent Democrats and others.
Bombs sent to Trump foes: Here's what we know
Among those who were sent the packages were former President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, former CIA Director John Brennan, and left-wing billionaire George Soros. Suspicious packages have also been found outside the offices of Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., and addressed to former Attorney General Eric Holder.

Christian News
George Soros and his 'rented evangelicals' outed by Christian leaders
A new video from the American Association of Evangelicalsreveals how George Soros, through his many funding ventures, has been busily infiltrating the Christian base in America to divide, and ultimately conquer, the religious minded within the Republican Party.
JESUS Film Project Completes 1,700th Translation of Its Signature Film
The JESUS Film Project announced Wednesday that it had reached another milestone with the completion of the 1,700th language translation of the film.
New 'Christian Pixar' Film Company to Be Launched by 'I Can Only Imagine' Producers
The Erwin brothers are gearing up to take their movie enterprise to the next level by creating their own Christian version of companies like Pixar or Marvel to help unite inspiring filmmakers.