Prophecy News Watch - November 28, 2018

Around the World
US lobbies Europe to back United Nations vote on condemning Hamas
The United States is leading a push at the United Nations to win crucial backing from European countries for a resolution condemning Hamas, the Israeli ambassador said Tuesday.
Trump to meet Putin, snub Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed at G-20 summit
President Trump will meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin but not with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman at the G20 summit this week, the White House said Tuesday.
European politicians call for new sanctions on Russia over Ukraine
Several senior European politicians on Tuesday raised the possibility of new sanctions against Russia to punish it for capturing three Ukrainian vessels at sea, an incident the West fears could ignite a wider conflict.
Secret Facebook documents said to reveal it was warned about a potentially huge data issue involving Russia back in 2014
A Facebook engineer warned in 2014 about a potentially huge data issue involving Russia, according to secret documents seized by Britain's Parliament last week.
US condemns ‘outrageous’ Rouhani ‘cancer’ snipe as Iran continues to bash Israel
The United States on Monday joined the European Union in denouncing remarks by Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, who, on Saturday, called Israel a 'cancerous tumor' established by Western countries to advance their interests in the Middle East.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
UN envoy: Trump peace plan ‘completed,’ to be unveiled in early 2019
US President Donald Trump’s administration has told Israel that it will present its long-awaited Israeli-Palestinian peace plan early next year, Israel’s envoy to the United Nations said Tuesday.
Iran’s parliament speaker says US peace plan a ‘plot’ to strengthen Israel
Iran is determined to fight against US President Donald Trump’s anticipated Israeli-Palestinian peace plan, parliament speaker Ali Larijani said Tuesday, according to the semi-official news agency ISNA.

Inside the United States
US Supreme Court Upholds Landowners Property Rights Against Gov't Overreach
The Supreme Court has given a victory to private property rights.
US to Appeal Judge's Order Barring Asylum Restrictions
The Trump administration says it will appeal a court order barring the government from refusing asylum to immigrants who cross the southern border illegally.
House lawmakers introduce first bipartisan carbon tax bill in a decade
A small group of Democratic and Republican House lawmakers introduced Tuesday night the first bipartisan carbon tax legislation in nearly a decade as a way to combat climate change.