Prophecy News Watch - May 2, 2018

Around the World
Tensions with Russia Still High, Russian Jet Buzzes US Spy Plane
A United States military spy plane was buzzed by a Russian fighter jet Tuesday, CBN News has confirmed with Pentagon sources.
WH Cites Progress in 30-Day Tariff Negotiation Extension with EU, Canada, Mexico
The White House said Tuesday that the administration is extending tariff negotiations with the European Union, Mexico, and Canada for 30 days because it has seen some progress.
5.2-magnitude earthquake rattles southern Iran
Iran's state TV is reporting a 5.2-magnitude earthquake in a remote, mountainous region in the country's south, with no immediate word on casualties or damage.
Armenian protesters block routes to capital, road to airport
Armenian protesters blocked some routes into the capital, Yerevan, and a road to the airport on Wednesday after Nikol Pashinyan, blocked in parliament from becoming prime minister, announced a nationwide campaign of civil disobedience.
In Venezuela, five years of severance pay now buys a coffee
When Yolanda Abreu got her check for severance pay after five years working as a cardiologist, she let out a laugh of sheer disbelief: it was barely enough for a cup of coffee.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Congress Seeks Showdown On Ending U.S. Aid to Palestinians
A delegation of leading Republican members of Congress are urging newly installed Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to cut all U.S. taxpayer funding to the Palestinian government over its continued use of American dollars to pay the salaries of terrorists and their families, according to communications between these lawmakers and the State Department.
Discovery of Ancient Israelite City Supports Biblical Account of King David
A new archaeological discovery is helping to confirm the biblical record that presents King David as an historical figure in ancient Israel.
Mossad agents snuck nuclear files out of Iran with authorities ‘on their tails’
Agents of Israel’s spy agency Mossad smuggled hundreds of kilograms of paper and digital files on Iran’s clandestine nuclear weapons program out of the Islamic Republic with Iranian agents 'on their tails,' Hadashot television news reported Tuesday night, based on briefings by Israeli officials.
U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo calls on Palestinians to negotiate
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called on Palestinians to return to the negotiating table with Israel, speaking in Jordan on Monday at the end of a whirlwind Middle East visit.

Inside the United States
Top judge: Backlog of illegal immigration court cases over 1 million, delayed deportations 684,000
The backlog of court cases addressing the status of illegal immigrant’s has reached over one million, prompting Justice and immigration courts to step up efforts to hire more judges, digitize old paper systems and speed up court proceedings.
U.S. Breaks Record, Borrows $488 Billion in the First Quarter
U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said he’s unconcerned about the bond market’s ability to absorb rising government debt after his department said it borrowed a record amount for the first quarter.
'Massive Victory for Homeschool Families, Parental Rights': Thousands of CA Homeschoolers Rejoice
Families all across the Golden State are breathing a sigh of relief after controversial homeschooling legislation hit a dead end.
Mueller told Trump legal team a presidential subpoena could be possible, ex-attorney says
Special counsel Robert Mueller told President Trump's legal team that he could subpoena the president to appear before a grand jury if Trump refuses an interview with Mueller's team, Trump's former lead attorney told The Associated Press Tuesday night.
Rise in Migrants from ISIS-Infested Muslim Country Trying to Enter U.S. Via Mexico
An alarming number of migrants from a south Asian Islamic country that’s well known as a terrorism hotbed are trying to enter the United States through the Mexican border in Texas, according to government figures obtained by Judicial Watch.
Secret donors helped finance Trump dossier team research after election
The team of opposition researchers behind the infamous anti-Trump dossier embraced by the FBI were paid big bucks to continue trying to dig up dirt on Russian meddling in American politics – even after the 2016 presidential election.
Tick, mosquito-borne infections surge in United States: CDC
The number of Americans sickened each year by bites from infected mosquitoes, ticks or fleas tripled from 2004 through 2016, with infection rates spiking sharply in 2016 as a result of a Zika outbreak, U.S. health officials said on Tuesday.
White House 'frustrated' with direction of Mueller questions
The White House on Tuesday said it's 'frustrated' with the direction of the Russia probe, claiming the leaked questions special counsel Robert Mueller reportedly prepared for President Trump prove the federal investigation has veered off its intended course.

Christian News
‘Anti-Conversion’ Bill Becomes Law in Uttarakhand State, India
Uttarakhand has become the seventh state in India to put 'anti-conversion' legislation in force.
Bible champion Chuck Missler dies at 83
Chuck Missler, founder of Koinonioa House, prolific author and encourager for those who study the Bible, has died at the age of 83.