Prophecy News Watch - May 18, 2018

Around the World
Putin Meets Assad, Says 'Foreign Armed Forces Will Start Leaving Syria'
Russian President Vladimir Putin met with Syrian President Bashar Assad in the southern Russian city of Sochi on Thursday, Russian news agency TASS reported, citing Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov.
Turkey probed over shipment of Israeli-made electronic equipment to Iran
Turkey is reportedly under investigation by the United Nations over a shipment of Israeli-made electronic equipment to Iran in violation of a Security Council resolution which prohibits the transfer of nuclear-related products to the Islamic Republic.
Google's Selfish Ledger is an Unsettling Vision of Silicon Valley Social Engineering
Google has built a multibillion-dollar business out of knowing everything about its users. Now, a video produced within Google and obtained by The Verge offers a stunningly ambitious and unsettling look at how some at the company envision using that information in the future.
France freezes assets of 3 people, 9 firms over Syria chemical weapons
France said on Friday it had frozen the assets of three people nine companies suspected of involvement in the development of chemical weapons in Syria.
Pentagon stands firm: No talk of scaling back U.S.-South Korean military drills
Despite threats from North Korean leader Kim Jong-un to cancel a planned summit with President Trump set for next month, the Pentagon on Thursday insisted there’s absolutely no discussion of scaling back the joint U.S.-South Korean military drills that have put that landmark meeting in jeopardy.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Israel girds for first Friday of Ramadan amid heightened tensions
Israeli police were gearing up for another possible day of mass Palestinian protests Friday, with officials saying that the points of friction may move from the Gaza border to the West Bank and East Jerusalem.
Erdogan hosts Islamic summit to back Palestinians, condemn Israel
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Friday hosts for the second time in half a year a summit of the world’s main pan-Islamic group seeking to show solidarity with the Palestinians and condemn Israel after deadly clashes at the Gaza border Monday in which some 60 Palestinians were killed by IDF fire.
Iran's Khamenei: Palestine will be liberated from the enemies
Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamanei said Thursday that 'Palestine will be liberated from the enemies and Jerusalem will be its capital.'
Russian missile defense system took direct hit during Israeli strikes in Syria
Russia relies heavily on foreign military sales to boost its economy. So the Kremlin scrambled to avoid bad publicity for one of its weapons systems last week after it took a direct hit during Israeli airstrikes in Syria.

Inside the United States
Trump poised to unveil policy cutting funds for abortion providers
The Trump administration is poised to roll out a new policy that would place additional restrictions on Planned Parenthood and other reproductive health organizations administering abortions, a new report says.
California resistance to Trump administration includes at least 32 lawsuits, including everything from health care and DACA to the border wall
President Donald Trump heard a group of local officials from California vent frustration Wednesday about the state's so-called 'sanctuary' laws. He called the controversial policies 'a disgrace' and vowed 'to take care of it.'
'Excited and scared': Hawaii volcano spews huge cloud of ash
A volcano on Hawaii's Big Island erupted anew Thursday with little sound and only modest fury, spewing a steely gray plume of ash about 30,000 feet (9,100 meters) into the sky that began raining down on a nearby town.
Trump signs new environmental executive order
President Trump is starting his own government-wide environmental sustainability and energy efficiency program through an executive order he signed late on Thursday.
Gina Haspel confirmed as CIA's first female director
President Trump’s pick to head the CIA is a seasoned spymaster who has avoided the limelight during a 32-year career that has included stints running overseas 'black sites' where dangerous terrorists were waterboarded.
US Birth Rate Hits All-Time Low: What's Behind the Decline?
The number of babies being born in the United States continues to fall, with the birth rate reaching a new record low in 2017, according to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Brown signs bill protecting undocumented immigrants in California courts
Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill Thursday to limit when a person’s immigration status can be disclosed in open court, a measure aimed at keeping crime victims and witnesses from exposing themselves to possible deportation when they take the stand.

Christian News
Nepal Four Churches Targeted in Arson Attacks
Four Christian Churches in Nepal have been attacked over a five-day period by unidentified assailants. The attacks, which began on the 9 May, targeted Mahima Church in Dhangadhi, Emmanuel Church in Kanchanpur and Emmanuel Church Budor in Doti, Western Nepal. Hebron Church in Panchthar, Eastern Nepal was also targeted.
Turkey Is Accusing American Churches of Conspiracy in Case Against Andrew Brunson, Sen. Tillis Says
North Carolina Sen. Thom Tillis on Wednesday shared more details about Turkey's case against imprisoned American Pastor Andrew Brunson and slammed prosecutors for claiming that churches in the United States are conspiring to undermine the Turkish government.