Prophecy News Watch - March 6, 2017

Around the World
Iran Preparing For War? Tehran Successfully Tests Russian S-300 Missile System During Drills
Iran's military has reportedly conducted successful tests of Russian purchased S-300 anti-aircraft missile system. The news comes amid ongoing tensions between Tehran and Washington, and soon after President Donald Trump's pledge to get tough with Iran.
Seoul: North Korea fires 4 ballistic missiles into ocean
North Korea on Monday fired four banned ballistic missiles that flew about 1,000 kilometers (620 miles), with three of them landing in Japan's exclusive economic zone, South Korean and Japanese officials said, in an apparent reaction to huge military drills by Washington and Seoul that Pyongyang insists are an invasion rehearsal.
China to increase military spending by 7% in 2017
China says it will increase military spending by about 7% this year, just days after Donald Trump outlined a boost to the US defense budget.
U.S. Navy, Iran ships have close encounter in Middle East
A U.S. Navy surveillance ship had a close encounter with an Iranian navy frigate in the Middle East, CBS News national security correspondent David Martin reports.
North Korea Continues To Build Its Nuclear Arsenal
North Korea has aggressively continued its nuclear advancements, which have threatened its neighbors and the West, despite receiving tough sanction from the United Nations. Kim Jong Un's regime's defiant testing of nuclear bombs and ballistic missiles increased last year when the reclusive country launched two nuclear missiles, one in January and the other in September.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
U.S. Delegation in Israel to Study Relocation of Embassy to Jerusalem
An official United States delegation led by Congressman Ron DeSantis (R-FL) is briefly visiting Israel on Saturday and Sunday to study the possibility of relocating the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.
Hezbollah-linked video threatens attacks on 9 Israeli nuclear, chemical sites
A propaganda video released by an outlet affiliated with the Hezbollah terror group threatens missile strikes on nine highly sensitive chemical and nuclear sites in Israel.
Government approves measure to decriminalize marijuana
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday that Israel will move forward with marijuana legislation in a 'cautious, controlled manner' as the cabinet approved a blueprint for decriminalization of personal use and possession of the substance.
Netanyahu to Urge Russia to Say 'Nyet' to Iranian Ops Near Israel Border
Israel hopes to reach 'specific understandings' with Russia to prevent Tehran from permanently setting up a base of operations in Syria against Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told the cabinet on Sunday.
The Lebanese Army Will Fight Alongside Hezbollah in a War with Israel
In the past two years, a new challenge has risen on the northern front. Should Israel go to war with Hezbollah, the Lebanese army would fight on the Shi'ite terrorist organization's side, Maariv, the sister publication of The Jerusalem Post, quoted Israeli security officials as saying on Friday.

Inside the United States
Mexico Opens Legal Aid Centers at U.S. Consulates to Defend Migrants
Mexico opened legal aid centers at its 50 consulates across the United States on Saturday to defend its citizens, the Mexican government said, amid worries of a crackdown on illegal immigration under U.S. President Donald Trump.
Trump Reverses Gun Regulation Implemented on Obama's Last Day
The Trump administration on Thursday reversed a gun regulation that was implemented on the very last day of the Obama administration.
Trump demands Congress probe alleged Obama power abuse
The White House demanded on Sunday that Congress investigate whether former President Barack Obama abused his executive powers in connection with the 2016 presidential election.
Loretta Lynch: Need more marching, blood, death on streets
The Obama administration's former Attorney General Loretta Lynch has made an impassioned video plea for more marching, blood and death on the streets - a video that was later posted on the Facebook page of Senate Democrats as 'words of inspiration.'
In day of pro-Trump rallies, California march turns violent
Supporters of Donald Trump clashed with counter-protesters at a rally in the famously left-leaning city of Berkeley, California, on a day of mostly peaceful gatherings in support of the U.S. president across the country.
Treasury Department burning through cash as debt ceiling approaches
The Treasury Department has been rapidly spending its large cash reserves ever since President Trump took office, a move that complies with federal law, but could also make it harder for the government to stay under the debt ceiling once the limit kicks in again later this month.
Trump expected to sign new travel ban into US by early next week
President Trump is expected to sign a revised executive order early next week banning travel from several Middle Eastern and African counties, the president's latest effort to prevent radical Islamic terrorism on U.S. soil.

Christian News
Egypt Is Failing to Protect Christians From Being 'Hunted Down and Murdered,' Human Rights Group Says
Authorities in Egypt must offer 'urgent protection' to Coptic Christians in North Sinai and provide essential services and accommodation to hundreds who are being forced to flee their homes after seven Christians were killed in a series of attacks, the human rights group Amnesty International has said.