Prophecy News Watch - June 4, 2018

Around the World
Pres. Trump Considering Killing NAFTA, Creating 2 Separate Deals
President Trump signals he may eliminate the NAFTA agreement entirely and negotiate two separate deals with Canada and Mexico.
U.S. airstrikes targeting Islamic State surge 300 percent
American warplanes are working overtime against Islamic State targets in Syria, with the number of combat sorties in May against the terror group surging over 300 percent compared to recent months, says new airstrike figures released by command officials Friday.
At least 25 killed as Guatemala volcano spews fire, ash
Rescuers struggled to reach rural residents cut off by a volcanic eruption that killed at least 25 people and injured 20 near Guatemala’s capital late Sunday, and authorities feared the death toll could rise with an undetermined number of people unaccounted for.
Kim Jong Un 'fires North Korea's top three military generals'
Kim Jong Un has reportedly fired North Korea's top three military generals in what appears to be an attempt to quash dissent ahead of a summit with Donald Trump.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
US lawmakers push for recognition of Israeli sovereignty over Golan
An American plan to bring the U.S. closer to recognizing the Golan Heights was laid out for Israeli and American officials in Washington last week.
Netanyahu heads to Europe with Iran on his mind
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu heads to Europe this week in a bid to rally support from key allies for amending the international nuclear deal with Iran and for pushing Iranian forces out of neighboring Syria.

Inside the United States
Supreme Court likely to rack up more reversals for West Coast's 9th Circuit
The federal appeals court that covers the country’s West Coast is doing little to shake its reputation as the most out-of-touch circuit, already having notched seven cases that have been reversed by the U.S. Supreme Court so far this year and 115 over the past decade.
London ‘bridges’ falling down: Curious origins of FBI’s Trump-Russia probe
The bridge to the Russia investigation wasn’t erected in Moscow during the summer of the 2016 election.
Trump slams trade critics: 'U.S. has been ripped off for years'
President Trump on Saturday blasted critics who accused him of starting a trade war, saying the U.S. has been losing the trade war for years.
Portland sees bloody fighting as Antifa activists storm Patriot Prayer rally
Violence broke out in downtown Portland, Oregon, on Sunday as Antifa activists stormed a Patriot Prayer rally -- about a year after similar dueling rallies triggered bloody fights and arrests.
Google blames Wikipedia for "Nazism" tag on California GOP
Google is blaming Wikipedia for search results that said the ideology of the California Republican Party included 'Nazism.' Results were seen in a Google information box screen-captured by Vice News on Thursday.
Atlanta Fed Ups 2nd Quarter Growth Forecast to a Blazing 4.8%
The U.S. economy is expanding at a 4.8 percent annualized rate in the second quarter, the Atlanta Federal Reserve’s GDPNow forecast model showed on Friday.

Christian News
Why Japan Wants Its Past Persecution of Christians to Be World Renowned
This month, a dozen Christian landmarks in Japan—where just 1 percent of the population claims Christ—have been officially recommended to be named World Heritage sites.