Prophecy News Watch - June 19, 2018

Around the World
U.S. walks fine line with Kurdish allies by joining Turkish forces on patrol in Syria
U.S. and Turkish military patrols have begun operating in the highly strategic northern Syrian enclave of Manbij, heading off a feared clash between the two NATO allies but potentially leaving the Pentagon’s Kurdish allies in the region shortchanged once again.
Trump threatens more tariffs on $200 billion worth of Chinese exports
President Trump escalated his trade feud with China Monday night, threatening to impose tariffs of 10 percent on another $200 billion worth of Chinese goods.
Russia-to-Germany undersea pipeline unnerves U.S., riles region
It has driven a wedge between America and its allies, given Russia a chance to put a stranglehold on European energy markets and may even threaten U.S. national security, some observers suggest, by potentially doubling as a spy device.
North Korea's Kim visit Beijing; South Korea, U.S. halt military drill
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un arrived in Beijing on Tuesday, where he will likely brief Chinese President Xi Jinping on his summit with U.S. President Donald Trump last week, as Washington and Seoul agreed to suspend a major joint military exercise.
Russia argues the Marine Corps’ beefed-up presence in Norway is an attack
Russia just can’t let it go that Norway recently decided to invite several hundred more Marines to the region for cold-weather training.
Merkel and Macron mold plans for EU reform
Proposals by German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron for reforming the European Union are to be discussed at the upcoming EU summit in late June. There is plenty of agreement between the two — but also some sizeable differences.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
UN chief warns Gaza violence is close 'to the brink of war'
Secretary-General Antonio Guterres says the escalation of violence in Gaza is 'a warning to all how close to the brink of war the situation is,' and he is urging Israel and Gaza's Hamas rulers to recommit to the cease-fire that ended their 2014 war.
Netanyahu holds rare meet with Jordan king ahead of US peace push
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with Jordan’s King Abdullah in Amman Monday, ahead of an expected visit by top White House officials seeking to lay the groundwork for the release of an Israeli-Palestinian peace plan.
US Senate approves $500m for Israel's missile defense program
The 2019 National Defense Authorization Act passed by the US Senate yesterday allocates $500 million for Israeli missile programs and $50 million for a joint US-Israeli program for combating the tunnels threat.

Inside the United States
President Trump directs Defense Department to 'immediately begin the process' of establishing 'space force' as sixth military branch
President Donald Trump declared Monday he will move to make a new branch of the military focused solely on space.
DOJ asks Supreme Court to allow policy that blocks grants to 'sanctuary cities'
The Justice Department asked the Supreme Court for a stay on a federal judge's that blocks the law enforcement agency from denying grants to cities based on immigration policy.
Judge: Kansas Cannot Require Proof of Citizenship to Vote
A federal judge ruled Monday that Kansas cannot require documentary proof of U.S. citizenship to register to vote, finding such laws violate the constitutional right to vote in a ruling with national implications for voting rights.
Republicans abandon Trump, demand end to zero-tolerance border policy
Congressional Republicans beat a full-scale retreat Monday from the administration’s zero-tolerance border policy, joining Democrats to demand that President Trump stop jailing parents and find ways to keep families together while trying to stop a new surge of illegal immigration.
Former CIA employee charged with leaking classified info
A former CIA employee was charged with leaking classified information, the Justice Department announced on Monday.

Christian News
Anti-Christian Agenda: Canada Cuts-Off Christian College and Bible Camp, but Boosts Muslims
Two recent Canadian government decisions are raising concerns about anti-Semitic and anti-Christian bias in Canada.
'Divisive' billboard proclaiming 'America is a Christian nation' removed in Dallas
A sign near a Dallas highway proclaiming that 'America is a Christian nation' was removed by the billboard company after it had drawn criticism, including from the city’s mayor.