Prophecy News Watch - July 6, 2018

Around the World
Russia blocks Security Council statement on Syria
Russia on Thursday blocked the UN Security Council from adopting a statement on the situation in southwestern Syria, where rebels are under intense bombardment, diplomats said after an urgent meeting requested by Sweden and Kuwait.
Trump launches the opening salvo in US trade war with China as tariffs take effect
The U.S. tariffs on $34 billion worth of Chinese goods kicked in on Friday, taking the war of words between the nations into the real economic realm.
Iran says Europe's offer to save nuclear deal insufficient
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said Thursday that a European offer of economic measures to counter the effects of the United States abandoning the nuclear deal does not go far enough, reported state news agency IRNA.
Trump says U.S. tariffs could be applied to Chinese goods worth $500 billion
President Donald Trump said on Thursday the United States may ultimately impose tariffs on more than a half-trillion dollars’ worth of Chinese goods as the world’s two largest economies hurtled toward the start of a trade war.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
IDF reportedly boosts Iron Dome deployment in Gaza vicinity
The IDF has boosted deployment of Iron Dome missile defense batteries around the Gaza Strip, according to a report Thursday night.
Northern Israel experiences yet another earthquake
A 3.2 tremor was felt a little after 1pm on Thursday in the north of the country, the Geophysical Institute of Israel said.
Israel successfully tests missile defense systems
The Defense Ministry on Thursday said Israel’s missile defense systems had successfully completed a series of tests designed to 'counter emerging threats in the region.'

Inside the United States
Judge gives green light to California's sanctuary laws
A federal judge upheld the bulk of California’s sanctuary laws Thursday, delivering a major victory to immigrant rights advocates and blazing a path for states and localities to consider as they seek ways to resist President Trump’s immigration policy.
US job growth was likely solid in June despite trade risks
Employers in the United States are thought to have kept up their brisk pace of hiring in June, reflecting the durability of the second-longest U.S. economic expansion on record even in the face of a trade war with China.
California must consider earlier parole for sex offenders, judge rules
California must consider earlier parole for potentially thousands of sex offenders, maybe even those convicted of pimping children, a state judge said Friday.
Mueller Taps More Prosecutors to Help With Growing Trump Probe
Special Counsel Robert Mueller is tapping additional Justice Department resources for help with new legal battles as his year-old investigation of Russian interference with the 2016 election continues to expand.

Christian News
California Senate Stalls Vote on Controversial LGBT Bill
CBN News has learned that the controversial bill AB 2943 did not come up on the Senate floor for a vote before the California Legislature begins its month-long vacation recess.