Prophecy News Watch - July 5, 2018

Around the World
Warning of a global crisis, Germany’s Angela Merkel pledges ‘every effort’ to avert a U.S. trade war
German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Wednesday that the European Union will make every effort to avoid a trade war with the United States, and underlined her country’s commitment to raise defense spending gradually -- another point of contention with Washington.
Iran set up terrorist infrastructure in Europe, ‎experts say
Iran has set up terrorist and intelligence ‎infrastructure across Europe with aim of ‎assassinating exiled Iranian dissidents and moderate ‎Arab leaders, particularly those whose countries ‎rival Iran in the Persian Gulf, intelligence experts ‎told Israel Hayom Tuesday.‎
Turkey transfers some powers to President Erdogan
Turkey on Wednesday issued a decree that transfers some powers to the president, as the country moves to an executive presidential system following President Tayyip Erdogan's win in last month's presidential and parliamentary elections.
Over 40 countries at WTO object to US car tariff plan
Major US trading partners including the European Union, China and Japan voiced deep concern at the World Trade Organisation (WTO) on Tuesday (Jul 3) about possible US measures imposing additional duties on imported autos and parts.
Erdogan presses U.S. over F-35 jet sale
Fresh from a successful re-election campaign, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s government is flexing its newfound clout in the fight on Capitol Hill over acquiring cutting-edge U.S. military hardware.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
PA: Law to deduct terrorists' salaries from tax money 'a declaration of war'
The Palestinian Authority strongly condemned the Knesset on Tuesday for passing into a law a bill proposal to deduct terrorists' salaries from roughly $130 million in monthly tax revenues Israel collects on behalf of the Palestinian Authority, defining the move as 'a declaration of war on the Palestinian people.'
Jared Kushner says US will soon present Trump's Israeli-Palestinian peace plan, with or without Abbas
Jared Kushner, a senior adviser to US President Donald Trump, said Washington would announce its Middle East peace plan soon, and press on with or without Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas.
4.1 magnitude earthquake shakes northern Israel
Residents of northern Israel were woken up with a bump on Wednesday morning as a 4.1 magnitude earthquake shook Haifa and the Galilee region shortly before 5:00 a.m.

Inside the United States
GOP to attack unfunded federal mandates next week
House Republicans will make a new push next week to rein in federal rules and regulations that can cost local governments companies millions of dollars each year -- 23 years after Republicans first sought to limit unfunded federal mandates.
Massachusetts passes 'red flag' gun control law
Legal Massachusetts gun owners who act violently or suicidal could lose the right to their firearms for a year under a bill signed into law Tuesday by Republican Gov. Charlie Baker.
Liberals Propose ‘Court Packing’ to Offset Trump Nominees
Liberals and others on the Left fearful of President Trump’s Supreme Court choices are now advocating an idea from the past: court packing.
Judge tosses suit alleging Trump campaign conspired with Russia in DNC hack
A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit alleging that President Donald Trump's campaign and former Trump adviser Roger Stone conspired with Russia and WikiLeaks to publish hacked Democratic National Committee emails during the 2016 presidential race.
California separatists to declare independence on July 4: 'Stand up against American occupation'
While other Americans celebrate the holiday with picnics and parades, California secessionists are taking Independence Day literally.
Judge again blocks Arkansas' attempt to ban pill abortions
A federal judge has again temporarily blocked Arkansas from becoming the first state to enforce a ban on pill-induced abortions.
Forecasters reverse course, predict below-average 2018 hurricane season
A team of meteorologists, who predicted an above-average 2018 Atlantic hurricane season in April, decreased their forecast on Tuesday.

Christian News
Episcopal Church Debates Whether to Make God Gender-Neutral in Book of Common Prayer
As the 79th General Convention of the Episcopal Church kicks off in Austin, Texas, on Wednesday, church officials are set to consider competing resolutions on whether their Book of Common Prayer, last revised in 1979, needs to be revised to send a strong message that God does not have a gender.
'Our Hopes Are High’: Iraqi Christian Leaders Thank U.S. For Rebuilding Communities Destroyed by ISIS
Iraqi Christian leaders are thanking the United States for providing life-saving aid following the Islamic State's reign of terror in the region.
Op-Ed: Canada’s top court rules that biblical Christian views are not part of ‘diversity’
In a ruling that is sure to send shock waves through the nation, Canada’s Supreme Court ruled 7-2 against Trinity Western University’s (TWU) Law School. In effect, what the court declared is that universities must choose between biblical standards and accreditation. Put another way, the court ruled that Christianity and higher education are incompatible. I am not exaggerating in the least.