Prophecy News Watch - July 5, 2017

Around the World
Russia says it's set to deploy security forces to Syria
Russia could begin deploying military police to security zones in Syria after the zones are finalized in two to three weeks, the country's TASS news service reported Tuesday.
North Korea says its ICBM can carry nuclear warhead; U.S. calls for global action
North Korea said on Wednesday its newly developed intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) can carry a large nuclear warhead, triggering a call by Washington for global action to hold it accountable for pursuing nuclear weapons.
Islamic State fights fiercely in shrinking Iraqi and Syrian strongholds
Western-backed forces edged into the final redoubts of the two capitals of Islamic State's self-declared caliphate in Iraq and Syria on Tuesday, hampered by fierce resistance from the militants and the presence of human shields.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Starved of power, Gaza's Palestinians buckle under an oppressive heatwave
In a series of interviews with The Times of Israel, residents of the Strip described the debilitating effects of the power crisis. It dictates their routine. It turns basic goods, services and actions into luxuries. The normal strategies for cooling off in the summer heat -- including showers, swimming, air conditioning and electric fans -- have all but disappeared. Even drinking water is an increasingly rare commodity.
Herzog unseated as Peretz, Gabbay advance to Labor leadership runoff
Former Labor party leader Amir Peretz and ex-Kulanu minister Avi Gabbay on Tuesday advanced to the second round in the party's leadership race, in an upset that saw incumbent Isaac Herzog unseated from power after a tumultuous four years at the helm.

Inside the United States
Privacy group files emergency request in court to block commission's demand for voter data
A privacy group has filed an emergency request to block the Trump election integrity commission's demand for states to turn over voter data, saying the information, if made public, would be a severe invasion of Americans' rights.
Immigration agency won't commit to giving noncitizen data to voter fraud commission
The U.S. immigration agency that holds millions of records on noncitizens living legally in the U.S. will not commit to turning over that data to President Trump's commission on voter fraud.
Chicago: Violence leaves about 60 shot, 8 of them dead, for July 4th weekend
Dozens of people were struck by gunfire in Chicago, some of them fatally, during the traditionally violent Fourth of July weekend, mostly in parts of the South and West sides that have long been plagued by gang crime and gun violence.

Christian News
Wycliffe Associates Putting Mother-Tongue Scripture Translation within Reach for Impoverished Ethiopian Christians
While Ethiopia is home to the ancient Garima Gospels, the world’s oldest illustrated Christian book, not all Ethiopians have access to the Scriptures in their own language. Wycliffe Associates hopes to close that gap by working toward the launch of mother-tongue Bible translation workshops for language groups that are without a single verse of the Bible.
Four Christians in Iran Receive 10 Year Sentences
A judge in Iran has sentenced four Christians to 10 years imprisonment each for engaging in missionary activities and 'conducting activities against national security.'
'Chinese Pastor 'Barely Alive' After Torture In Prison'
A prominent Chinese pastor is 'barely alive' after suffering various forms of torture in prison, his family and activists say. Zhang Shaojie of Nanle Country Christian Church in Henan Province is currently serving a 12-year prison sentence which began in 2014.
American Revivals: Key to Shaping US History
One of the ongoing debates concerning the start of the American nation is whether the founders meant to establish a Christian nation.
Evangelical Christians, Catholics increasingly rely on federal courts to protect religious liberties
Evangelical Christians and conservative Catholics are increasingly heading to the federal courts to try to carve out space for their religious activities, looking to press judges to imbue more meaning into the federal government's guarantees of protection.