Prophecy News Watch - January 9, 2018

Around the World
2 Koreas say they seek breakthrough at rare border talks
Senior officials from North and South Korea began the rivals’ first formal talks in about two years Tuesday to discuss how to cooperate in next month’s Winter Olympics in the South and how to improve their long-strained ties.
Papua New Guinea volcano erupts for first time in history, sparking tsunami fears as hundreds flee
A volcano in Papua New Guinea that was thought to be dormant has erupted for the first time in known history, spewing ash thousands of feet into the air and forcing the evacuation of hundreds of residents.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Security cabinet holds 'extremely significant' meetings about northern border
Israel’s security cabinet has convened several times in recent days, holding 'extremely significant' meetings to discuss developments on the northern border and Iran’s presence in Syria.
Turkey seeks to increase its influence in East Jerusalem
Since the US recognized Jerusalem as Israel's capital last month, Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has become the leading voice of the Arab and Islamic opposition to the move. His country even hosted a special meeting of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), during which he called Israel a "terror state" and threatened to cut its diplomatic ties with it.
VP Mike Pence to Visit Egypt, Jordan and Israel Later This Month
In his first trip to the Middle East as vice president, Mike Pence is scheduled to visit several countries and leaders in the region later this month.

Inside the United States
US hits record for costly weather disasters: $306 billion
With three strong hurricanes, wildfires, hail, flooding, tornadoes and drought, the United States tallied a record high bill last year for weather disasters: $306 billion.
Mudslide and flood threat prompts evacuations in burnt Southern California as major storm looms
Mudslides and flash floods, or at least the potential for them, raised new danger for Southern California on Monday as mandatory evacuations were issued for regions already devastated by wildfires and now facing the first major rainstorm of the season.
Supreme Court declines to review Mississippi religious liberty law
The Supreme Court announced Monday it would not hear cases challenging a Mississippi law that allows religious organizations to refuse to hire persons or provide services in situations that run afoul of their sincerely held religious beliefs.
Appeals Court Strikes Maryland City's Law Forcing Pro-Life Centers to Promote Abortion
A three-judge panel of the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals has struck down a Maryland city's law that forced a pro-life center to post disclaimers at their facility about not providing abortions.
Senate vote on 20-week abortion ban coming this month
The Senate is likely to vote this month on a bill that would ban abortion after 20 weeks of gestation, sources familiar with the matter told the Washington Examiner.
US banks buoy reserves as credit card debt hits $1.02 trillion record
Sure, a record $1.02 trillion in U.S. credit card debt gives banks the chance to earn higher interest.
FEMA chief: Puerto Rico still in emergency response mode
Nearly four months after two hurricanes hit this island, the chief of the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s operations in Puerto Rico says he has never before had to continue emergency relief efforts like delivering food, water and temporary roofing so long after a natural disaster.