Prophecy News Watch - January 24, 2019

Around the World
US-backed forces about to end Islamic State's last enclave in Syria
U.S.-backed, Kurdish-led forces are on the verge of eliminating Islamic State militants' last remaining enclave in Syria near the border with Iraq after a four-month devastating bombing campaign that has left hundreds of civilian casualties, residents and rebels said on Wednesday.
Maduro says Venezuela is breaking relations with US, gives American diplomats 72 hours to leave country
Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido declared himself interim president on Wednesday, winning over the backing of the Washington and many Latin American nations and prompting socialist Nicolas Maduro to break relations with the United States.
White House: 'All options on the table' in dealing with crisis in Venezuela
The U.S. and nations across the hemisphere launched a stunning, coordinated rebuke Wednesday and declared that Venezuelan socialist President Nicolas Maduro is no longer his country’s legitimate leader, with President Trump vowing that 'all options are on the table' — including military action — to deal with the long-running crisis in Caracas.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Russia calls on Israel to 'rule out practice' of striking Syria
Russia called on Israel to 'rule out' the 'practice' of carrying out airstrikes in Syrian territories, Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokeswoman Maria Zakharova told a press briefing on Wednesday.
Rivlin warns Macron: Israel may have to hit Hezbollah rocket factories in Beirut
President Reuven Rivlin on Wednesday told his French counterpart that Israel could be forced to strike the Hezbollah terror group’s rocket-building operations 'in the heart of Beirut,' a development he warned would drag Lebanon into a punishing regional war that neither side wants.
Judge lets Arkansas law against Israeli boycotts stand
A federal judge on Wednesday let stand an Arkansas law requiring state contractors to pledge not to boycott Israel, ruling that such a boycott is not protected by the First Amendment.

Inside the United States
New York Legalizes Abortion Up to Baby's Birth Day on Anniversary of Roe v. Wade
New York legislators cheered and applauded Tuesday night after the state Senate removed restrictions on late-term abortions, allowing unborn babies to be aborted up until the day of birth.
State Judge Rules Iowa's 'Heartbeat' Abortion Bill Unconstitutional
District Court Judge Michael Huppert ruled Tuesday that Iowa's pro-life 'fetal heartbeat' law is unconstitutional and may not be enforced.
DHS reports cyberattack on government websites
The Department of Homeland Security warned of a recent cyberattack directed at the agency in an 'emergency directive' issued Tuesday.

Christian News
Media Outlets Unleash 3 Major Anti-Christian Blunders in Just 7 Days
It has not been a good week for the mainstream media. President Trump often refers to media as 'fake news' and they’ve certainly been doing a good job in recent days of helping make that claim credible.