Prophecy News Watch - January 12, 2017

Around the World
China launches new electronic intelligence naval ship
China's Navy has launched a new electronic reconnaissance ship, state media said on Thursday, the latest addition to an expanding fleet and as Beijing's new assertiveness to territorial claims in the South China Sea fuels tensions.
Russia steps up military presence in Syria, despite Putin promise
Despite Russian President Vladimir Putin's recent order to reduce Moscow's military forces in Syria, two U.S. officials tell Fox News the opposite is taking place.
US Commandos Take Out ISIS Leader in Hunt for Top Terrorists as Obama Prepares to Leave Office
An elite team of American commandos killed a senior leader of ISIS this week, giving President Obama another name to scratch off his list of top terrorists in the final days of his presidency.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Israel, Turkey set to kick-start plans for reconciliation in meeting: report
Israel and Turkey are reportedly in talks to begin laying the groundwork for cooperation and normalizing relations after the 2010 raid on a flotilla headed for Gaza caused a major rift between the two countries, according to Turkish news site HГјrriyet Daily News.

Inside the United States
US Senate Approves Measure Launching Obamacare Repeal Process
The U.S. Senate on Thursday took a first concrete step toward dismantling Obamacare, voting to instruct key committees to draft legislation repealing President Barack Obama's signature health insurance program.
Kentucky becomes 19th state to ban abortions after 20 weeks into pregnancy
Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin this weekend signed a pair of pro-life bills into law, including one banning abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy.
Trump Calls Unsubstantiated Russia Allegations 'Nonsense'
President-elect Donald Trump called the new, unsubstantiated allegations that Russia is in possession of compromising personal and financial information about him as 'nonsense.'
National Reciprocity Bill Will Apply to Non-Resident Gun Carry Permits
Rep. Richard Hudson (R., N.C.) clarified on Wednesday that his national concealed carry reciprocity bill would apply to permits issued by states to non-residents.

Christian News
Thousands of Muslims reportedly turning to Christ in Middle East
Thousands of Muslims are turning to Jesus Christ and what they view as the 'religion of freedom' amid ongoing bloodshed in the Middle East, reports indicate. Some churches hope that millions of people will accept Christ amid a 'spiritual hunger' that is forming in the wake of persecution.