Prophecy News Watch - January 10, 2017

Around the World
Iran set to receive huge shipment of natural uranium from Russia amid lawmakers' concerns
Iran is to receive a huge shipment of natural uranium from Russia to compensate it for exporting tons of reactor coolant, diplomats say, in a move approved by the outgoing U.S. administration and other governments seeking to keep Tehran committed to a landmark nuclear pact.
US Navy ship fired warning shots at Iranian boats
A U.S. Navy destroyer fired three warning shots at armed Iranian patrol boats as they sped toward the American warship at the entrance to the Persian Gulf, marring a recent period of relatively quiet interactions between U.S. and Iranian forces, the Pentagon said Monday.
US pilots report numerous close calls with Russian jets over Syria
One night this past fall, a U.S. radar plane flying a routine pattern over Syria picked up a signal from an incoming Russian fighter jet.
Iran to expand military spending, develop missiles
Iranian lawmakers approved plans on Monday to expand military spending to five percent of the budget, including developing the country's long-range missile program which U.S. President-elect Donald Trump has pledged to halt.
US, North Korea trade warnings over potential ICBM test
With Donald Trump getting ready to take office as president, North Korea is talking about launching a newly perfected intercontinental ballistic missile. Officials in Washington are saying that if Pyongyang launches anything that threatens the territory of the U.S. or its allies, it will be shot down.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Paris Peace Summit to push for two-state solution: report
The participants in the upcoming Paris peace summit will urge Israel and the Palestinian Authority to push for the so-called two-state solution based on 1967 borders, Haaretz reported Monday citing the event's summary statement a copy of which it managed to obtain.
Hamas praises 'heroic' truck attack in Jerusalem, calls for more
Hamas hailed the jihadist who carried out a deadly truck attack in Jerusalem on Jan. 8 as 'heroic' and called for continued terror attacks in Israel.

Inside the United States
Trump Advisers to Meet With Paul Ryan on Tax Reform, Obamacare
Top advisers to President-elect Donald Trump will meet Monday evening with House Speaker Paul Ryan and his policy staff to discuss taxes and other policy issues, according to two people familiar with the plans.
Economic Growth Estimated to Double in Two Years Due To Trump's Policies
Gross domestic product could double in the next two years due to President-elect Donald Trump's economic agenda, CNBC reported.
Trump Cabinet members set for confirmation hearings this week
Several of President-elect Donald Trump's Cabinet appointments are scheduled for confirmation hearings this week, where they will start their process for acceptance or rejection to the top posts in the federal government.
Planned Parenthood on the ropes as Republicans move in for knockout punch
A unified Republican government is poised to slash hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars from Planned Parenthood's annual budget -- the culmination of a public relations nightmare 18 months in the making that has left the nation's largest abortion provider more vulnerable than ever to pro-life advances.
Ryan to meet with Trump team on U.S. House tax reform plan
U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Paul Ryan will meet on Monday with top members of President-elect Donald Trump's transition team to discuss their 2017 tax reform agenda, a senior Republican aide said.