Prophecy News Watch - February 5, 2019

Around the World
Putin, Erdogan, Rohani Set For Sochi Summit On Syria
The leaders of Russia, Iran, and Turkey are scheduled to meet in the Russian Black Sea resort of Sochi on February 14 to discuss the situation in Syria, according to Turkish and Russian state media.
EU hails system to trade with Iran despite sanctions, but warns it over missiles
The EU warned Tehran over its ballistic missile program and interference in the Syria conflict Monday, while welcoming a new mechanism to trade with Iran while bypassing US sanctions.
Russia reiterates support for Nicolas Maduro by sending 400 military contractors to Venezuela
Russia is playing a high-stakes game in the mounting crisis in Venezuela, where socialist President Nicolas Maduro has been mortgaging part of the country’s oil resources in exchange for financial and military support from Moscow.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Ending long wait, Israel welcomes 82 Ethiopian immigrants
A group of 82 Ethiopians immigrants landed in Israel on Monday evening, the first of some thousand members of the Jewish community to be allowed to move to the Jewish state under a cabinet decision made in October 2018.

Inside the United States
Senate pushes back against Trump over Syria troop pullout
The Senate voted Monday to oppose the withdrawal of US troops from Syria and Afghanistan, breaking with President Donald Trump as he calls for a military drawdown in those countries.
New Jersey to require schools to teach LGBT history
New Jersey has become the second state in the nation after California to adopt a law that requires schools to teach about LGBT history in a move hailed by civil rights groups as a step toward inclusion and fairness.
Women's Health Protection Act Could Get Rid of State Restrictions on Late-Term Abortions
A proposed abortion bill in Virginia which would have allowed abortion all the way up until birth, made national headlines last week before it was tabled. As CBN News discovered, a federal bill much like the measure in Virginia has been floating around Congress for years.

Christian News
Life under ISIS led these Muslims to Christianity
Four years have passed since the Islamic State group's fighters were run out of Kobani, a strategic city on the Syrian-Turkish border, but the militants' violent and extreme interpretation of Islam has left some questioning their faith.