Prophecy News Watch - February 28, 2017

Around the World
Who Is Winning In Syria? Russia, Assad Army Battle Turkey, Rebel Forces In New Clashes Over ISIS City
Turkey-backed Syrian rebels opened fire Sunday on Syrian army forces and allies advancing toward opposition-held positions as the opposing factions waged parallel campaigns against the Islamic State group, also known as ISIS, in the country's north.
First mosque in Athens heightens tensions over Muslims
Athens' Muslims have long made do with living rooms, community centers and basements when seeking out places to pray. But now, the only European capital without an official mosque is about to get one.
PLO's Tehran envoy says he hopes Iran will produce 1,000 nukes
The Palestine Liberation Organization's envoy to Tehran said he hopes Iran will produce 1,000 nuclear bombs, adding that Israel is 'truly terrified' of the Islamic Republic's nuclear program.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
IDF Strikes 5 Hamas Targets in Gaza After Rocket Attack
IDF struck five Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip on Monday afternoon in retaliation for a rocket that landed in southern Israel overnight, the army confirmed on Monday.
Will US Jews Move To Israel? Anti-Semitism, Hate Crimes To Increase Immigration, Israeli Politician Isaac Herzog Predict
With anti-Semitic attacks in the United States on the rise, a prominent Israeli politician said Monday he thought American Jews could flood into the country in the Middle East. Isaac Herzog, leader of the opposition party, urged Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to create an emergency plan to welcome large numbers of immigrants amid such instances in the U.S. and France, the Times of Israel reported.
Netanyahu: Israel Will Not Allow 'Drizzle' of Rocket Fire from Enemies
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday reiterated his warning that Israel will not allow any 'drizzle' of rocket fire on its territory from enemy entities.
Palestinian terror leader urges Iran to join 'all-out war' on Israel, then Jordan
The head of a Palestinian terrorist group in Lebanon said he would like to see Iranian soldiers take part in an 'all-out war' to liberate Palestine, and that the future Palestinian conquest would include an invasion of both Israel and Jordan.

Inside the United States
Bomb threats target Jewish centers, schools in several U.S. states
The Anti-Defamation League on Monday said there were reports of bomb threats targeting Jewish community centers and schools in several U.S. states.
Democrats talk up impeachment on eve of Trump address
The top Democratic leaders in Congress condemned the presidency of Donald Trump on Tuesday at a National Press Club Forum, where they hinted they might eventually seek to impeach him and they predicted his address to the House and Senate on Tuesday would be full of empty promises.

Christian News
ISIS Now Beheading Christians in Middle East, Takes Its Unholy War to Nation with Highest Number of Christians
Since ISIS became a formidable foe in the Middle East, the radical Islamist group has made a name for itself through extreme brutality.