Prophecy News Watch - February 27, 2017

Around the World
Iran holds naval war games amid rising tensions with U.S.
Iran launched naval drills at the mouth of the Gulf and the Indian Ocean on Sunday, a naval commander said, as tensions with the United States escalated after U.S President Donald Trump put Tehran "on notice".
Theresa May poised to announce end of free movement for new EU migrants next month
Theresa May is next month poised to announce the end of free movement for new EU migrants on the same day that she formally triggers Brexit negotiations.
UK Watchdog: Islamic State Planning Terror Attacks in Britian
Islamic State militants are planning 'indiscriminate attacks on innocent civilians' in Britain on a scale similar to those staged by the Irish Republican Army 40 years ago, the head of the country's new terrorism watchdog said.
France's Hollande fires back at Trump over Paris comments
French President Francois Hollande fired back at Donald Trump on Saturday after the U.S. president remarked in a speech that a friend thought 'Paris is no longer Paris' after attacks by Islamist militants.
French minister expresses 'indignation' over saw attack on Jewish brothers
French Interior Minister Bruno Le Roux on Friday expressed 'indignation' over an attack on two Jewish brothers earlier this week, and said all means will be used to find the perpetrators.
Iran requests 950 tons of uranium from Kazakhstan
Iran's nuclear chief said Saturday that the country had requested to buy 950 tons of uranium concentrate from Kazakhstan over the next three years to help develop its civil reactor program.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Report: Trump May Pull U.S. Out of the U.N. Human Rights Council Due to Israel Bias
The Trump administration may soon back Israel on its claim of UN bias and pull out of the organization's Human Rights Council, Politico reported on Saturday.
Pence to Republican Jews: World will know US supports Israel
Vice President Mike Pence assured the Republican Jewish Coalition that he and President Donald Trump will work tirelessly on foreign and domestic issues important to the group, such as enacting business-friendly policies at home and supporting Israel abroad.

Inside the United States
Trump's budget expected to increase defense spending, cut most other areas
President Trump is expected to tell federal agencies to compile a budget that would increase spending on the military but cut nearly every other agency, with the Environmental Protection Agency particularly on the chopping block.
Witches Unite in Quest to #BindTrump and Tear Down His Presidency
Witches launched a new campaign of witchcraft against President Trump over the weekend, uniting to cast spells against him and bind his presidency in the spirit realm.
Democrats elect Tom Perez, former Labor secretary, as new party leader
Democrats chose President Obama's former Labor secretary, Tom Perez, as the person to lead them out of a political wilderness of heavy losses at every level of government over the past eight years and amid tensions between moderates and progressives about how to rebuild the party after Hillary Clinton's unexpected presidential loss to Donald Trump.
Transgender boy wins controversial girls state title
A 17-year-old transgender boy completed an undefeated season Saturday by winning a controversial Texas state girls wrestling title in an event clouded by criticism from those who believe the testosterone he's taking as he transitions from female to male created an unfair advantage.

Christian News
Hundreds of Christians Flee Egypt's North Sinai Amid ISIS Killing Spree
Hundreds of Christians in Egypt's North Sinai province fled the area Friday after the Islamic State terror group killed seven Christians in just three weeks.
LGBT activist admits they want to force Ohio churches to host gay 'weddings'
At the same time as Ohio legislators consider a bill to protect the religious freedom of churches and pastors, a prominent Ohio gay activist has admitted that her group does indeed want to force churches to rent their facilities to homosexuals for receptions, weddings, dinners, and meetings.