Prophecy News Watch - December 30, 2016

Around the World
US levels sanctions against Russia over election hacking
The United States is unleashing a string of sanctions and other punitive measures against Russia amid allegations that it engaged in cyber-meddling in the U.S. presidential campaign, and Moscow is responding with a threat to expel dozens of Americans.
Russia-US Tensions: Moscow Shuts Down International School In Response To Obama Administration's Russia Sanctions
After declaring that it will respond to any 'hostile steps' taken by the United States, Russia closed an international day school in Moscow on Thursday as the first indication of retaliation against the Obama administration's sanctions against the country announced the same day.
Clashes Violate Syria Ceasefire Less Than Two Hours After It Starts
Clashes between rebels and Syrian government forces took place less than two hours after a ceasefire took effect on Friday, a monitoring group and a rebel official said, in the first violations of a deal backed by Russia and Turkey.
Trump responds to sanctions against Russia, says it's time to 'move on'
President-elect Donald Trump said Thursday 'it's time for our country to move on to bigger and better things' after the Obama administration issued sanctions against Russia for its alleged 2016 election hacking.
Russia mocks Obama's 'lame duck' status after new sanctions imposed
Russia used social media on Thursday to mock President Obama after he expelled diplomats and imposed a new round of sanctions on the nation.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Netanyahu denies 'baseless' corruption accusations
Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu denied recent allegations of wrongdoing on Friday morning. 'All the recent accusations have been proven to be baseless and so too nothing will come out of what has been in the media now.' The prime minister's office said in a statement regarding media reports that the Attorney General will open a formal investigation into corruption charges.
Netanyahu corruption probe expected within days
An Israeli TV channel reported Thursday that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is suspected of receiving valuable gifts from two businessmen.

Inside the United States
Rockettes' liberal defenders still insist on Christian coercion in gay weddings
The same people who want to crack down on Christian bakers who decline to participate in same-sex wedding ceremonies are defending the conscience rights of Radio City Rockettes dancers who object to performing at Donald Trump's presidential inauguration.
California DMV: 800,000 Undocumented Immigrants Got Driver's Licenses in Past Two Years
A controversial California law has allowed thousands of undocumented residents to obtain driver's licenses at a time when President-elect Donald Trump, who takes office next month, vowed to crackdown on illegal immigration.

Christian News
Faith and Martyrdom: 2016's Top Persecution Stories
A new report names Christians as the most persecuted religious group on the planet. According to statistics from the Center for Global Christianity, around 90,000 Christians were killed for their faith in 2016. About 70 percent of those killed in 2016, were martyred in tribal conflicts in Africa because they refused to take up arms.
Christians are Changing Orphans Lives Worldwide
There are an estimated eight million children worldwide living in orphanages. Now a movement, led primarily by Christians, wants to change that dynamic and put those children in safe, stable and nurturing families. It's an ambitious vision of a world without orphans.
1 Christian killed for their faith every 6 minutes in 2016 - study
Ninety thousand Christians were murdered for their faith around the globe this year, which amounts to one being killed every six minutes, Italy's CESNUR religious study group said.